Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let's lighten things up here shall we?

First of all,  I wanna lighten the load up in here.  Yesterday's post was a sense of closure for me and sometimes writing and letting it all out can really make you feel so much better.  So thanks to you all who read and commented.  Means a lot.   I do not think that way every day, but when your hurt.....let's be real all kinds of emotions are released.

Now on to some sunshine.  And some humor.  

Life living with a toddler has definitely made me almost pee my pants (well I admit, I do pee a little in the pants after hard laughing because my bladder control after birth is jacked).

So, does your toddler love to dance?  Sure they do, they are exploring their individuality.  Does your boy or girl dance like this?

Well, my Finley does.  Sorry B, Finley stole your moves.  

Do they like to try and eat in your pets food bowls?

I've caught Finley several times.....LOL and attempting to lick water out of Chloe's water bowl.

Haha,  this is what my hubby and I say to one another....now we have a lock in the back room to prevent our child from indulging in the dog food.  I mean, lets face it the kid likes to eat.  And she does not discriminate.  

How about this?  Does your lil bundle of joy yell at bums heckling you in a downtown street setting? Finley does, she shocked me last week by screaming "MOOOOOOO"  (this is how she says no at the moment), while we were walking downtown Madison on a nice day.  I have to give her props, she has the pipes to scream anyones eardrums right out.  

Anywho, those are just few of many shenanigans that Finley does that keeps me on my toes, makes me laugh, and makes me smile on the daily.  

Thanks for reading,

xo, D