Monday, April 27, 2015

Love what you do, and love who you are.

I believe when you follow your calling,  your absolute passion for what you want to accomplish in life and career, you will be genuinely happy.  There are always going to be bumps in the road, but such is life.

I have decided that I am going to be taking a much needed vacation from blogging. I know I am not a consistent blogger but I am exhausted and need some time for my entire self to recharge and refresh.  I want to solely focus on my family, my friends and my passion for hair.  My love for fashion and makeup is also something that I absolutely enjoy as well and love sharing with you all. I will continue to share these passions solely on my instagram account.  If you follow, stay tuned and feel free to follow along.  I will be posting from time to time  photos of  before and after pictures from my clients at the salon,  try some fun photo shoots with hair and makeup, and just enjoying life and truly soaking it all in without having to worry about anything else.

First of all, I want to explain myself a little bit more on something that unfortunately occured a short time ago.  To those of you who have followed me on my blog, instagram or twitter I greatly appreciate your support.  And I want to clarify some things that people may be confused about or wondering why.   I blogged a short time ago about a person who hurt me deeply.  I did post some quotes and images on my instagram  that appeared negative or confusing, but it was completely from MY PERSPECTIVE.  MY FEELINGS.  No names were mentioned.  Nothing about what actually happened.   Just feelings.  I was called an online bully, a slanderer, and a harasser.  I did none of those things. I never mentioned the persons name or what occured between the person involved.  All were things that were simply from my point of view.  I posted some curse words and I am sorry to anyone I offended because of that.   I am a person who is going to stick up for myself and stand up for what I believe to be wrong and hurtful.  Some people perceive me as weak because I am nice and personable.  I am not.  I am a human being who makes mistakes, takes risks, follows my passions and still learning to be a good mother to my daughter and a good wife to my husband.   So there is that.  I have moved on.  I am much happier because of it. I definitely held onto it for longer than I should have but I was in extreme pain.  I learned why the dynamic of some friendships have changed and people's true colors.  It's a huge weight that has been lifted.   I have since removed all of the things I posted including the blog post about my negative experience because frankly its my business and I felt the point was made and following that I wanted to erase negative energy.  Call me crazy, weird or mean....I do not care.   If you have been wronged by a person who never apologized, acknowledged any wrong doing on their part, STICK UP FOR YOURSELF.  Understood?

From now on, this  blog space will be solely for sharing pictures of my family, friends and last but not least my passion for hair, makeup and fashion!   I have hands down the best job in the world.  I am so lucky.  I work with incredibly talented people who fill me up and allow me to be myself and be inspired.  So, if you are still wondering what my intentions are when speaking about people who have wronged me,  believe this.....I am going to be good to you if you are good to me.  I will support, encourage, and love you.   Simple as that.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let's lighten things up here shall we?

First of all,  I wanna lighten the load up in here.  Yesterday's post was a sense of closure for me and sometimes writing and letting it all out can really make you feel so much better.  So thanks to you all who read and commented.  Means a lot.   I do not think that way every day, but when your hurt.....let's be real all kinds of emotions are released.

Now on to some sunshine.  And some humor.  

Life living with a toddler has definitely made me almost pee my pants (well I admit, I do pee a little in the pants after hard laughing because my bladder control after birth is jacked).

So, does your toddler love to dance?  Sure they do, they are exploring their individuality.  Does your boy or girl dance like this?

Well, my Finley does.  Sorry B, Finley stole your moves.  

Do they like to try and eat in your pets food bowls?

I've caught Finley several times.....LOL and attempting to lick water out of Chloe's water bowl.

Haha,  this is what my hubby and I say to one we have a lock in the back room to prevent our child from indulging in the dog food.  I mean, lets face it the kid likes to eat.  And she does not discriminate.  

How about this?  Does your lil bundle of joy yell at bums heckling you in a downtown street setting? Finley does, she shocked me last week by screaming "MOOOOOOO"  (this is how she says no at the moment), while we were walking downtown Madison on a nice day.  I have to give her props, she has the pipes to scream anyones eardrums right out.  

Anywho, those are just few of many shenanigans that Finley does that keeps me on my toes, makes me laugh, and makes me smile on the daily.  

Thanks for reading,

xo, D

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another year older.....but never felt better.

Another year older!  32 years older to be exact.  Do I feel old?  Nope.  Not in the slightest.  Even though deep down I have always been an old soul, I always love to laugh, enjoy life and have a good time.  This past year reflecting has been a whirlwind.  Moving, buying our first home together, and having a baby.  WOW.  So much in so little time.  I am very happy and blessed.  Thank you to my family and dear friends for making my life so you all.   A little reflecting is in order.  Past years in photo....

That's lil ol' me, with my daddy.  He has passed on but I like to think he is always watching over me.

21 years young....and so much to learn.

Ya know, you gotta WIG IT OUT every once in a while.  Feeling so alive at 25....

29 years young....and eager to make the last year in my 20's the best..

Living the pixie life....I wanted to take this huge hair leap of faith before I turned 30.  I succeeded.

My induction into the dirty 30 club.....a memory I will always cherish.  

My dirty 30 party bus.....

Blurry, but the best time ever.....

I remember the wish I made that came true.  Her name is Finley.

I have no shame in wishing myself the Happiest of Birthdays.  I have made a ton of mistakes, followed my passions, dreams and as a result have been given a shit ton of blessings.  And for that I am thankful and glad that I am one year older and ready to embrace this year with arms wide open. ain't bad at all.

Cheers, xo

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Total weirdness that I have encountered as a new mom.....

So,  I have been totally humbled and grateful for the friends and family who have been parents for a while give me great advice that I now use and find extremely helpful to raise my daughter.  However, I have definitely come across total and complete weirdness along the scratch my head, laugh for days type of stuff.  For example, here are some phrases that were actually said to me.  No lie, prepare to laugh, or just say to yourself, Really?

1. "Oh you are not breastfeeding....I'm sorry".   WHAT?  Who the hell asked you.  And seriously, why does a stranger even ask or care?  I did what was best for myself so that I could properly care for my child.  Eff off.

Are you scratching your head???  wink.

2.  "Oh you use Pampers diapers....that's a terrible choice".   

3.  "I can't believe you aren't co-sleeping with your baby."   (Well that's funny, I bet their kid is 5 and still sleeping in their room) Maybe not, but I don't ask.  Mind your business!  My child is just fine in her crib which was purchased and all done up for her to actually sleep in.  Get it?  Mmmkay.  I don't ask you how you choose to raise your child.  If you want to have your baby in your room, no judgement.  I could care less.  

4. "You are already going on an overnight date with your husband and your child is only a month old"?    Ummm yeah, why not?  My marriage didn't stop just because we had a baby.  Calm down.  

5. "You look way too trendy for a new mom".    (Yep, that was actually said)  What did you expect, a replica of the walking dead?  I am a person who will always have individuality and style while being a great mom.  Was I exhausted in the beginning?  Yes.  But when I went out I did my best to feel good about myself.  I feel like mothers sometimes pass soooo much judgement instead of just being supportive.

Take a joke....I am a person who is learning to raise my child just like everyone else.

6. "So you don't make your own baby food"?  "Why"?  HAHA.  No.  I find it very convenient to go to the store and purchase perfectly healthy baby food in individual jars that are labeled and all that good stuff.  Oh snap!

7. "I feel so awful for you that you chose a c-section".    Gee thanks.  I mean yes it was surgery and there are always risks attached.  However,  I labored for 24 hours and pushed for several hours with no progress.....thanks for the support. 

I know.  Being a parent is automatically going to put you in situations where you often leave scratching your head.  It's life.  I am trying to get used to it. 

To the new mommas and seasoned ones  out there....I got your back and will always support anything you choose to be right for your child and family.

Dinah xo

Monday, September 8, 2014

Punk rock, posters, colors...oh my!!!

While I was reading my latest issue of Cosmopolitan yesterday and enjoying a delicious brew in my hand my eyes stopped dead in its tracks at this amazing art that was compiled onto an iphone cover.  If any of you love punk rock, 90's grunge, new wave and classic rock like me you will die over these images.  I had to do some research and find out who and what in the hell these fantastic ideas came from.  I discovered the inspiration is from the AMAZING Mike Joyce.  The drummer from The Smiths....THE SMITHS....I die.  He owns the company Stereotype designs located in NYC.  He started a project called Swissted and has taken actual vintage music flyers and transformed them into these bright, magnetic, super cool posters.  For all the info on his project Swissted....look here.  So many of his fans went crazy over these posters so he started an official Swissted shop.  You can shop for yourself here.  Again, I know so many of my friends who collect music posters and if you have not seen these, you must check em' out.

This is what sucks me in....Art, music, creativity.  I love it all.  

Seriously, can you believe the colors??!!!

Call me.... call me any, me.

I'm in love.....le sigh.

xo, Dinah

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Music rocks my world....

As an extreme music lover, I often listen to all types of music.  I love to post playlists based on my moods, or maybe by inspiration from a memory, hairstyle, a movie, it doesn't matter because music is one of  the most influential aspects to all my creativity and passion in my life.  That includes my loved ones who support and encourage me as well.  Here are some tunes that make me think of my friends, my daughter, my passion for hair and fashion, or just life lately.  As always, my playlists are never in any particular order or specific genre.  I prefer mostly obscure artists (not top 40)......I am not a hater of today's music it just isn't my style.  I was raised with such incredible music growing up.  So old school jams are always my go to.  Also,  I am an old soul deep down.  It's true.

Guns N Roses- Sweet Child of Mine
Fleetwood Mac- Seven Wonders
The entire new Jack White album (Lazaretto)
Beach House- Silver Soul
The Beatles- Something
St. Vincent- Digital Witness
Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins- You are what you love
The Smashing Pumpkins- Rocket
Stevie Wonder- You are the Sunshine of My Life
Roxy Music- More than this

If you feel like listening, enjoy. 

Keep calm because it's almost the weekend and let the music play.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Birthdays call for birthday wish lists....

It seems crazy that my birthday is right around the corner.  Last year I could not celebrate in typical Dinah fashion because I was carrying my little Finsters ;-)  No complaints, however this year I will have the best of both worlds.  Spending time with my loves and daughter and also celebrate with friends too.   This is my favorite time of year.   Fall is coming, new make up and wardrobe changes can only be a natural  added bonus for my birthday.  September, I love you.  Thanks for being the bomb!!

You all have wish lists, must haves every year on your birthday, right?  Of course you do.  Don't lie!  I do.  And every year I make a list.  It's nice to share it with you all now.  I actually most of the time write lists down as I think of new ideas or things I like.  Here are my favorite things I waaaant soo bad this year...(of course a couple are truly fictional). Duh.

This hair, this will be my birthday hair.

Anything, from Baublebar.  I have an obsession.  Especially this gem.  In Blush.

My Wisconsin cosmetology license.  That is no joke.  I have been patient and just want to start my career again.  Pretty please.....

Red lipstick wouldn't hurt either xoxo!

A girl can dream....

Jeffrey Campbell shoes. And you can't take a girl outta her wedges, how else can I feel tall without tripping?  

This scent, in love.  

And last, but not least

Rag and Bone ripped Grayson skinnies....muah!

If your birthday falls this month, which I know quite a few (who I LOVEEEE)  you gotta share your wish lists! 

In the meantime, Happy Birthday month to me!  

Dinah xo