Friday, July 18, 2014

Current hair that I die over....

Now that I am growing the pixie I am hugely inspired by some amazing color and cut ideas to try on my clients or yours truly.  Whether you have longer hair or short and in transition like myself, here are some amazing inspiration/pinspiration worthy styles that I would love to try on others and meee. Winky!

Someone who is in the process of growing out their hair and have a darker mane would look fantastic with this incredible natural looking ombre.  That is my goal ....and I encourage others in the between stage should try it on for size.  

GAHHHH, this is so rad.  I like very short hair and I admire boldness in women who have the guts to do it.  I did,  and it was the best ever.  The pink brings a very feminine approach to a shattered, undercut pixie.  

The long tendrils with the intense copper intensifies a natural dark brunette. A little bold but so beautiful. 

Anything asymmetrical is my ultimate favorite style to create.  I love how messed up you can make it while cutting with such precision at the same time.  And it's a really easy style to try if you are not willing to grow your hair completely out from a short cut, so you can have it long in areas while going the opposite direction on the other side.  

I am loving all the good hair vibes lately.  It's tempting me to go wild with some color....stay tuned.

xo, D

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My celebrity crushes...sigh...part Deux!

I have a strong belief that anyone who may or may not read this post will not have just a few celeb crushes.  You will have favorites, but I think you gain many more over time based on when or if your tastes have changed.  ;-)   If you are curious to know my first selection of celeb crushes,  read this first.

Taylor Kitsch       

My good lord, this beautiful man really made me a believer in his recent movie roles lately.  He is an incredible actor.  He made me cry my eyes out on the HBO original movie "The Normal Heart".  If you have no idea what movie I am referring to watch the trailer here.  And I always have thought he was gorgeous, but now I think he is gorgeous on the inside.  Le sigh.

Mark Ruffalo

Need I really explain this one?  He is sexy, one of the best actors in film, and also rocked my world on the movie I mentioned above.  I would enjoy styling him up for a photo shoot and interviewing him over a beer...that would be swell in the highest form. 

Annie Clark 

If you love the amaze band St. Vincent, she is the reason.  Her voice, her style, the quirkiness about her I adore.  I have a crush on her talent. 

Jason Sudeikis

He makes me laugh so hard. And he is super easy on the eyes.  I could watch "We're the Millers" every day.

Jenny Lewis

This amazing singer/songwriter was introduced into my life by a very dear friend.  Friend, you know who you are.  She is one of my most favorite musicians.  Between her solo projects and the various bands she was in Ms. Lewis is a one of a kind singer.  Her voice is just incredible.  Smooth and pitch perfect.   I have seen her perform solo and twice when she was touring with The Watson Twins.  Stellar...

Josh Hartnett

His recent role on Showtime's Penny Dreadful, gives me goosies. 

I am sure I will post a part Trois sometime. 

D xo

Monday, July 7, 2014

I am an extrovert....with a little kinks

Hey friends!

I have been thinking about the differences lately in people and whether or not they are truly just an extrovert or an introvert.  I truly believe most people are not just one or the other.  I know that since I am mostly a people person I sense that a lot of people have kinks.  I do, and let me explain what I mean by this.

I am by nature a highly extroverted person.  I thrive on my friendships and being around my friends and family.  I love to get to know new people and develop friendships with like minded people like myself. I also cherish my friendships where my friends are true to themselves and if they are more introverted I could care less.  I adore them in fact.  The kinks that I have are that I am a highly extroverted person with an introverted twist.  After I spend time with the people that I love and meeting new friends I have to have time "alone" to decompress.  I could almost be a hermit for a couple days and not communicate with anyone.  Now that I am a mother that is entirely impossible.  Before my hubster and I had our daughter, I always needed time alone.  I would either go for a drive by myself, or read in my room for hours.  If he wanted to go golfing or mountain biking I would get excited because I knew I would be getting time alone to just "be".  I think now since I stay at home with my baby girl my idea of decompressing is just being at home with her and when she naps, I nap.  The time where I feed her is actually highly decompressing.  When she looks up at me and eats it fills my tank up so to speak.  After some time with her and my husband I am ready to get back out there and be my social self.  I think people should embrace their kinks and own up to it if anyone ever questions it.  Who cares if you want to cover yourself up with a blanket and not come out for days, I love you anyway.  Who cares if you want to have a dance party with hundreds of people every day and not calm down...I love you anyway, but I would have to bow out and have some time alone, HAHA!!!  

I think my point is this,  please just be what you want and own up to your kinks.  But I also truly believe when you surround yourself with the ones you love and also bringing in new people in the mix it is quite refreshing.  My loved ones who know me know that I love to have a good time, laugh, socialize and have fun.  If I was at a social event and someone in the room was quiet and shy, I would do my best to welcome them and open them up.  We are all people with kinks.  Embrace them!

So go on with your bad ace self and either sit in on your couch and watch tv, or go to da club and dance your booty off.  I love ya!!