Thursday, August 29, 2013

Liquid foundation...friend or foe?? (And small product review)

Good morning all you fabulous peeps!!!

So for years I have always worn powder foundation/dual coverage pressed foundation because I have always had oily/problematic skin.  The last few months or so I have been so eager and ready to take on a new foundation and wanted to lean towards a liquid perhaps because I am no longer in my 20's and think for a 30 something woman I should try something a little more friendly for my ever changing skin.  I guess for so long I have been cautious and nervous to wear liquid foundation on my skin because of all the issues I have dealt with in the past.  I have done makeup on many ladies for weddings and special events and have always loved using liquid for them, but why not me??!!!

I went to Sephora and actually was able to have the fabulous lady there match my skin tone with their new state of the art Sephora-Pantone Color IQ service.  She took this little camera device and put it up to my skin and what it does is pinpoint and matches your skin tone to over 1,500 foundations in store or online so you will never be left wearing the wrong shade of foundation ever again!  Isn't that neat?   If you do not have the time to venture in to one of their locations, try it out online!  And if you use a specific shade already from there or another brand that they carry and you have purchased elsewhere you can still find a match.

My match number is 3R05 and since I wanted to try a liquid foundation this time she matched me with Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 in Cream Whip

I absolutely am in love with this foundation...I feel like now I have a "glow" and no more cakey matted down makeup.  She applied the foundation with their Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush foundation brushes in numbers 55 and 56 and I liked them however they are not cheap ($34.00 a piece holy moly)  and after trying at home I decided that using a cheaper sponge or my fingers I have a much better result.  I returned those bad boys in exchange for makeup that I love or have been dying to buy!

I highly recommend you trying out this color IQ service at Sephora if you haven't already done so, its free and you will end up surprised at what your tone actually comes out to be! 

Now, I cannot believe I am finally going to be getting my hands on this popular eye makeup palette.  For probably a year or so I have always been curious but never wanted to purchase.  I ordered for my early birthday present the Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette.  I know many of you have used this and LOVED!!  I thought about the original naked palette but those colors weren't catching my eye as much as the Naked 2.  Cannot wait to use my friends!!

Well stay tuned folks, I will be posting some before and after shots of the antique dresser we found for a steal at 98 bucks for our baby girl's room!!!  My hubby is going to be completely stripping (oooh la la) hehe and re painting this piece, its going to look amazing!!!

Peace xo,

Friday, August 23, 2013

"What's up with THAT"?!

I know what some of you may be I referring to the funny SNL skit, "What's up with that"?  Nope...but I have to jump up on my sunshine soap box on some topics this Friday on things I have witnessed and have to think to myself...really..."What's up with THAT"?!

First!  Okay, why is it when you are going to the restroom at work and you hear other ladies surrounding you clearly using the facilities and even dropping a number 2 in there, (sorry)  and they leave the stall and walk right out of the bathroom without even washing their hands?!!!  SERIOUSLY!!!  I am getting angry just typing this.  Or hearing the "swish, swish" for a total of 5 seconds??  Okay, your not fooling anyone. I know you probably think you have fooled me by turning the water on and running your hands under it for 5 seconds but ya didn't.... But come on y'all  "What's up with THAT"?

Come on bitches...get stuff done and wash your grimy poopy hands!!!  Boom!

Second...I feel as though lately I get weird stares from strangers when I am either walking to my car, walking in a mall or just in public period.  Especially the dudes...they stare right at my belly as though I am mutating the next big alien movie character and they just cannot look away.  I AM PREGNANT not growing three heads.  Jeeze..."What's up with THAT"??
Imagine me staring back and then bombing them with this expression... I guess I could make them think that I am actually an alien.....I will haunt you in your sleep you crazy looker ;-)  I kid I kid!

And third....WAS ANYBODY JUST COMPLETELY DUMBFOUNDED WITH HBO'S TRUE BLOOD this season?  I wanted to throw a book at the television every Sunday evening.  I have been such a die hard fan of this series and read the books and it just has gotten so stupid.  Even the acting is just awful.  WHY????  WHY????  AND...WHAT'S UP WITH THAT????

Have you witnessed any whats up with that moments lately? Pour it out to me...

Peace and TGIF,
Dinah xo

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A little rock n roll up in your maternity clothes....

Hey friends!!!  Just a brief couple of shots that my hubster took last weekend.  This is what I live in when I am not working.  I am currently loving these H&M maternity pants (thanks to my sister in law who gifted these to me)  I LOVE THEM!!!  And it has a comfy band that is attached so it really feels great on my growing belly.  My top I actually purchased in Sao Paulo, Brazil last summer...gotta love the Ramones and its the most comfy and versatile top!  Muah!!!


Friday, August 16, 2013

The words I never thought I would hear..."You're a D cup ma'am" got it friends...I finally had to go "bra" shopping yesterday because let's face it, when you are 5 months pregnant and trying to squeeze your boobies into your current/pre pregnancy feels like you are being encased like a sausage.  I actually had to pull over in my car and take off my strapless bra the other day, it was unbearable...but I just wanted to wait as long as I could so I wasn't having to purchase more than necessary.  So I marched myself into my favorite department store yesterday and the gates of heaven opened up and I finally got some relief.  The sales lady at Nordstrom had me try some new bras on and then after squeezing into a C cup...she looked at me and said "Ma'am", you are going to need a D cup size". "WHA, WHA, WHAT"?!!!  LOL  I guess this B cup girl just couldn't believe it.
That is how my lady lumps felt after she fitted me in my new bra....

And this is how I must have looked in the dressing room...

After trying several different brands on, the sales lady had me try on a "Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort customized lift bra"  and I was a little weary since it had underwire but surprisingly it fit amazing and so comfortable!  You can find these at probably most department stores I am sure.  

So ladies...and sorry to the gents who chose to read this....I am now a proud owner of two D cup bras and it feels damn good!!  If it wasn't for my enlarged belly I probably would have skipped and hopped all the way to my car.  She even cut the tags and let me wear it home...thanks sales lady at rock!!!

Happy Friday peeps,
Dinah xo

Thursday, August 15, 2013

WE are having a........???

My hubster and I are pleased to announce that we are going to be having a baby GIRL!!!  So thrilled and beyond excited!  Now I can add another addition to Sunshine super glam!!!   Her name will be FINLEY MARIE!!!!!     So ready to meet you already baby girl!  

She will be a shorty like her mama...but watch out...she will be fierce ;-)


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An ode to my loves.....

I sit here thinking...thinking of all the memories I have shared with my hubster.  Thinking of when we first met, our first date, to our big adventure moving down to sunny Florida when we were so young.  It is truly incredible to me how much we have grown as individuals and as a couple. Over the weekend I decided to spruce up my playlist on my ipod/iphone and there are so many tunes that remind me of our lives together.  Songs that I remember being popular when we first met, to songs that just remind me of him and us.

Only about 2 months of dating in the books circa 2003...and my hair haha!
"Shake it like a polaroid picture"....that was the jam...Hey Ya!

Saying goodbye to my parents...en route to the sunshine state....ripe age of 21. Circa 04'  I remember my mother shedding many tears as we pulled out of their driveway.

Our engagement.....

Our wedding day....

To today....I love you!  Look at how far we have come....

and this...
and to think tomorrow we will find out what our lil angel will be....

Dinah xo

Monday, August 12, 2013

19 weeks and counting.....

Hey hey!!!

Here are just a couple pics my talented hubby took of my 19 week belly over the weekend.  He definitely has an eye for location, sometimes at first I question the spots he chooses, but the finished look always impresses me.  Love that man!

So only 2 more days until we find out if our peanut is a BOY or GIRL!!!!  I am nervous, excited, thrilled and feel so blessed that we have come this far.  

Any guesses friends??  Hehe

Will keep you posted xo

Friday, August 2, 2013

A little Friday humor....

I have never been so happy to have the weekend almost here.

I can't really partake in happy hours currently but I would be happy to trade that for a cheeseburger...just sayin' or frozen yogurt...hehe

This is how hungry I am .....24/7  I am surprised I haven't tried to sneak food in bed with me at night....that would be a sad sight...and gross perhaps


Have a lovely weekend peeps,
Dinah xo