Friday, March 29, 2013

Everybody's workin' for the weekend....My Friday music jams!!!

Happy Friday all!  It may be a short work day for some since it's a holiday weekend....  and no I am not working for the weekend I was referring to this classic jam....

Here is my list of favorite tunes for the week.....a very interesting list in my opinion!  Some of you may not agree but that's okay that is what makes us all unique and different!

1. Spandau Ballet- True
I am a die hard fan of 80's music!  One reason this song melts me is because of this movie scene.... I will admit that if this song started to play anywhere you will most likely catch me dancing in the corner, because that's how I roll!

2. Pearl Jam- Dissident
The guitar riffs and the lyrics just blow me away....listen here.

3. Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake-Give it to me
Love this jam!  Reminds me of living in sunny Jacksonville, Florida with my car windows rolled down near the beach!

4. David Bowie-Rebel Rebel
I just love mr. Bowie.....he rocks my effing world!!!  This song just brings out my edgy vibe!

5. The Beatles-Get Back
Get back jojo!!!!!!  Your mama's waitin for ya xoxo hehe!!!!!  I remember seeing the "LOVE" Cirque Du Soleil show in Vegas and I literally started tearing up because this show was absolutely out of this world!!!!! This song was part of the opener and it gave me it here.   If you don't like the Beatles we are going to have issues....sorry (i'm not sorry) take a listen here.

6. Ani DiFranco-32 Flavors
This song reminds me that every person in this world has 32 Flavors and then also reminds me of my dear friends Molly and Jackie ( I love and miss you ladies)......

7. Johnny Cash- I Walk The Line
Isn't this song the best?!!!!   I love Johnny......

8. Maroon 5- Sunday Morning
Adam Levine.....this me butterflies xoxoxo

9. Paul Oakenfold feat. Shifty-Starry Eyed Surprise
This jam takes me back to the good ol' days of cosmetology school!!!  I can listen to this song and I immediately remember all the crazy memories that were had!!!   No regrets!

10. The Raveonettes-I wanna be adored (Stone Roses cover)
I have listened to this cover probably over 50 times this week...haha

Happy Friday friends!!!  And have a wonderful easter with your families xoxox

Love always,
Dinah xo

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I feel pretty...oh so pretty!

Hey hey sunshine supa glams xoxoxoxoxo  

I went a little crazy the last couple of weeks on new make up!!!!  Who cares right?!!!!  We all gotta reward ourselves and I say DO IT!!!!!  Do it because you all work hard and it's fun to try new products!!!

I follow a lot of really fantastic beauty blogs and I LOVE reading about new products they try and how they felt after experiencing a new find!!!  If you wanna read a fantastic blog about new stuff you crave, you gotta follow my pals Mendi and Jayme @ Herlatenightcravings. I love these ladies so much and they are incredible women!!  They inspired and encouraged me to start my own blog and they are just awesome!!!

Here are some new finds that bring me sunshine.....xoxo

First is M.A.C's Mineralize skinfinish!  I saw this on a few blogs and also noticed it several times when I would shop for other make up.  I decided I had to try it.  I put it on this morning after my blush and foundation and I love it.  It just gives you a subtle and shimmery finish, you see in the pic below the shade I decided on is Soft and Gentle...and that is exactly what it is.  Soft, subtle and glowy!!!  I got this at Nordstrom but you can also purchase here.
Second, is Lancome Le Crayon Poudre Eyebrow Pencil.  I was currently using Smashbox brow tech but I was getting tired of using the cream and then applying the powder on my brows so I decided to switch it up and I really, really love this pencil.  I purchased the shade "sable".  You can find it here.
Okay, I think these pretties below are probably the best thing Sephora has ever invented....hands down!!!  These jumbo eye pencils can be used as a bold eyeliner or a smooth and blendable eyeshadow.  They are pretty cheap too, only 12 bucks!   I didn't buy all three at once, I wanted to try it first then I knew I had to get more.  The three shades I picked up are pink glitter, lilac shimmer, and green. They are waterproof and will stay put until you use make up remover to take off.   You can snag them here.
 I have had this find for a little while, but I was going through my make up bag a few days ago and realized how much I love this Chanel palette.  I was wondering why it was hiding on me and I told it to never go away, hehe!!!  Call me crazy but sometimes I chit chat with my make judgements!  It is called "Les Ombres Quadra eyeshadow in Eclosion".  It's pricey but dang it I work hard and do not feel the least bit guilty for indulging.  You can find it here.  The colors are so soft and go on my eyelids like silk.  No joke!

There you have it loveys!!!!  What makes you feel pretty?  Have you found something new that makes you feel "oh so pretty"??   Dish it to me, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a glamtastic day friends,

xo Dinah

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I get by with a little help from my friends....

Hey there!!!

I don't know about you but I have some amazing friends in my life!!!  They are scattered all over the US and I wish I could see them all every day but it comforts me to know that they are in my heart!!!

You all know who you are!!!  I wanted to post some pics, some are old some are new.......I can't post every pic so if you are not worries my dears you know I love you!

Like I said, I really get by with a little help from my friends.....

xoxo Love you all,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Warby Parker...the apple of my "eye"!!!!!

Okay peeps!!!  I cannot tell you how much I love Warby Parker eyewear online!!! Many of you may already know and love their concept, but if not here is a little info why I love WP so much!!!

Their concept is just incredible to me.  Their website describes a collaboration between four close friends and was conceived as an awesome alternative to overpriced and bland eye wear today. WP is able to provide higher-quality, and better looking eye wear at a fraction of the price!   I am all about that, since most prescription eyewear in your optometrist office can be so pricey even with vision insurance!!!!! NO thank you!  LOL!

Another big reason I support WP so much is that their eye wear has a purpose!!! An amazing purpose for sure!!!  WP has proven that almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses...that makes me sad. So many people need glasses and when you purchase a pair, WP will donate a pair to someone in need.  Isn't that special?  I think so.

Anywho, if you are interested in purchasing some pairs of your own, it is so easy!!!  Their website allows you to choose 5 pair of frames that are mailed to you to try on at home before purchasing.  In my opinion, you cannot beat that!!!   Their frames are vintage inspired with a contemporary twist!  Just love my Warby's!!!

I have two pair!!!   Here are a couple photos!!!!!

 Both photos are the same frame types but different shades!!!!!   check em out here.  I have them in Whiskey Tortoise and Tennessee Whiskey!!!!   There are so many other styles I adore too....but I think my hubby told me to cool it for a bit!!!  HAHA!!!!

I just had to share how much I love this website and what an awesome cause it provides to people in need!!!!

xoxo Love you all peeps!!!!!   Have a swell day!!

xo Dinah

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mondays are yucky, but I try to make the best of it!

Hi, and hugs to you all!!!  Everybody knows Mondays are sorta lame.  But, sometimes just getting through it by thinking positive or seeking things that make you happy just make it so much easier to get through it ya know?!!!!

There is really no theme for today's post.  I just wanted to add some images,quotes and fashion faves that make me happy right now. If you are bored with this I am sorry...I have had a super busy and crazy couple of weeks and do not want to complain or vent on here, so keeping it positive is just the way I am going to do this!!!!

I love Betsey Johnson....isn't this delicious??? I found this image on pinterest, and wish I could find it to buy online but I can't  :-(  but I had to post since I have been loving the collar accessories lately!!!!  
 I am obsessed with these flats!  Simple and elegant!!!  You can find these here

This pic was my first attempt on Instagram of my OOTD!!!  I just purchased this top at Forever 21, jeans are from Rag and Bone, wedges are oldies from Blowfish! 

Since chopping off all of my hair a year ago, pixie cuts are always my daily inspiration and I find true happiness in this classic style.  I do not think I will ever go back to long hair...I guess never say never but I think I was meant for this short crop!!!  

My faith has been tested a bit lately...but this quote reminds me that it's okay and the good lord above will always provide and I have to keep going!

Well said Bob Dylan....

This is me wearing my new earrings from Colorbyamber  I love these earrings, and you can find them here.


Isn't this top fun???!!!  I would definitely pair this with a pair of skinnies!!!  If you live in the Richmond area, check out Need Supply!!!  You can also purchase this here.

This dress is just stellar!!!! So spunky and fun!!!  You can find this fabulous dress at Urban Outfitters, and to purchase click here

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and has a super sunshiny week!!!

xo Dinah

Friday, March 22, 2013

Let's bust a Friday jam list!!!!!

It's Friday, and I can't think of a better day and moment to stop what you are doing and just bust a move.  You can do it, don't be shy ;-)

Here are my jammy jams for the week, hope you enjoy!

1. T.Rex- 20th Century Boy
If you are in the mood to rock out and maybe throw in a little air guitar, this song is definitely appropriate.  T.Rex is a british rock band that formed in 1967.  Check em' out here

2. Jenny and Johnny-Straight Edge Of The Blade
This album is one of my favorites....I love the smoothness of Jenny Lewis's voice.  She is one of my favorite singer/songwriters.  If you are curious take a listen here.

3. Robyn-Dancing On My Own
This song will always remind me of miss Hannah on HBO's Girls!!!  This scene always makes me smile!!!!
If you want to dance on your own and need a pick me up listen here.

4. Justin Timberlake-Suit & Tie feat. Jay-Z
Can I get a.....Welcome back JT??  Love shakin my booty to this tune!!!!!!

5. Elton John-Rocket Man
This classic Elton melody reminds me of my childhood, innocence and just memories.  Listen here.

6. Silversun Pickups-Substitution
Love this Alt rock band from LA....this is my favorite song of theirs....Enjoy it here.

7. Led Zeppelin-Whole Lotta Love
I gotta whole lotta love for this tune........

8. Adam & The Ants-Kings of the Wild Frontier
This fabulous new wave song just gets my blood pumping!!!  This oldie but goody from the early 80's is never old in my book!

9. The Dead Weather-Blue Blood Blues
Any music that features Jack White in my opinion is  the greatest music out there!!! Listen and I hope you agree!

10. Boombox-Midnight On The Run
I had to feature this on my jam list since I am going to see them live in concert tonight!! Should be a good time!

Hope you all have an amazing and sunshine filled weekend!!!!

xo Dinah

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This beautiful city we live in...

Good morning loves,

It's almost Friday, one more day until I reveal my top ten music faves for the week!

I wanted to post some images that my husband captured of the beautiful area we live in.  He has started taking up photography as a hobby and I have to say as a newbie he is pretty amazing!!!!
A sunset outside our window....

An old home near our apartment. Richmond has such beautiful old architecture.
 Trees starting to bloom....Spring is here :-)

 He caught me....reading.  I love to read.
 River that runs right through downtown. Love taking walks down here with our dog...she loves all the rocks!

There are so many cute parks surrounding our apartment...this one is right across the street.  

Another beautiful home in the city..

 Local graffiti. Isn't this cool!!!!??


I love the city we live in.  I love the culture, the history and the great people of Richmond, VA.

Love to you all,
xo Dinah

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some Randy Randomness....

Hello!  How are you all?  I call this a randy randomness post since I want to share some things that aren't specifically related, but all positive stuff!!!

I have to describe the pure and utter joy I found in my mailbox last night when I arrived home from work.

 First, like I have said in a past post, I have been a hair stylist since I turned 20 years old.  I started my work in Michigan, Florida, and since my man and I moved to Virginia I have been struggling to get my license transferred here.  After a long time waiting, I finally received my license for the state of VA in my mail box.  I cried, laughed, jumped up and down and was so relieved to know that there is a door that is waiting to be opened for me.  I know that good things are coming my way....only time will tell!!!

Second,  I found an amazing jewelry collection through one of my favorite blogs gentri lee.  You have to check them out.  Colorbyamber, just blew me away!!!  I instantly fell in love with everything.  I was so excited to have them follow me on instagram, it made my day!!!  Here is a pic of my new gems....I already have an outfit in mind to pair with each set of earrings!!!! Will definitely post pics!!!!   I want to say thank you to gentri lee and all the fantastic inspirations she posts daily on her blog.  Check her out, she is the jam!!!!!!

Third,  I talked about re-decorating our bathroom a while back, and its coming along quickly and I found a couple more items that I cannot wait to add to our lil space!!!

 I adore this "Antoinette Table Mirror from Urban Outfitters, its just what I need to add a little glam to our space... you can purchase this here

 These "Paddywax Tea Tin Candles" from Urban Outfitters are going to look perfect with our new shower curtain and accessories.  I think it adds a lot of sunshine don't you think??  I think these little cuties are out of stock, but if you want to double check try it here

 Etsy describes this as a "Shabby Chic" light blue cast iron metal soap dish. I just had to have this in addition to all the other goodies.  You can find it here.

All in all, I think today I discovered that prayers do get answered. I am grateful...that is all

xo Dinah

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You are the sunshine of my life....

Hey hey my sunshine super glammers xoxoxo

I want to spread a little love and sunshine today.  I am in need of it myself so I think spreading it over to you  makes me feel so much better!!!   Here are some images and things that bring me joy!!!

My husband Eric and I on our wedding day. He still looks at me that way and we have been together for ten years, married for five.  Love that man!! 

Our doggy Chloe. We call her "Chlo bear".  She is literally the sweetest little girl ever. I can walk into my apartment after such a long day and she always greets me with a smile.  Doesn't get much better...
My favorite pair of shoes from Jeffrey Campbell...when I say favorite I mean I have this shoe in 3 different biggie!  wink!
I am a worry wart. And I tend to stress about things that never happen. I drive my family and friends crazy I know... I found this on pinterest and sometimes have to read daily to snap me back into reality!

Summer, champagne and my Ray Bans....

A pic I took at a Flaming Lips concert in 2011.  This show was so fantastic....All the confetti and balloons...

I firmly believe this to be true....

Sometimes, I have to stop and just look at all the sunshine and beauty I have around me.  Some days aren't as good as others but that's okay too.  

What brings you sunshine? 

Listen to might just find some sun waiting for you xo.

xo Dinah

Monday, March 18, 2013

Handbags and Wallet MANIA!!!!!!

Hey peeps!!!

 I would have to say probably 4 or 5 years ago, I wasn't all that concerned about having a new bag or wallet to carry around... don't get me wrong, I loved them but I would rather of spent extra cash on a new pair of jeans or jewelry. Now sometimes its all I can think about!!! LOL

I am a huge fan of bright colors and retro style stuff.  Kate Spade came out with a line of comic booky looking items that I almost peed my pants over, haha (its true)!!  I purchased this wallet....but regretfully didn't buy the bags to match to save some money... Isn't it adorable?!!  I am waiting until closer to spring/summer to start carrying it.  You can purchase this wallet here

Here are some other items that are totally my style that I think Kate Spade made for me. Haha, just kidding but that's how I feel when I look at them....... you can get this delicious item here

you can find this one here

This picture is just amazing....makes me wanna just carry around wallets and cutesy handbags for a living...but that is something that would never happen for me...but a girl can dream right?

I love retro...I think I should've been a young woman in a different decade...I crave retro, punk rock, and anything bold and bright!!!  

Here is a little retro punk video inspiration that has uplifted my spirits on this dragging booty Monday!


Love you all,
Dinah xo

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hi lovelies!

It has been the most busiest of weekends for yours truly...but I loved every minute of it!!!

So, this post is going to be short and sweet.  I am still pretty new to blogging and I am reading all over other blogs I love so much that GFC (Google Reader) is going away.  I was confused at first while reading some posts, but then caught on that a lot of bloggers and their followers are transferring over to Blog Lovin.

So, I am now transferring my site over, and looked for all my favorite blogs and started following too.

Are any of you curious if some of your favorites choose not to use "Blog Lovin", and how to show support and continue to follow?  I am really curious about it.  I would love any feedback since I am learning new things daily in the wonderful blog community.

xo Happy weekend to you all, hope it was amazing for you!!!

Dinah :-)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hair design is my life!

Happy Saturday friends!!  And if you are out and about celebrating St. pattys day, have a blast!!

I have been a hair designer for 9 years and counting.  I am currently doing hair out of my home since my hubby and I have moved around so much it was so hard to build my business and make ends meet.  Now that we have been in Richmond, VA for 3 years now, I am finally starting to grow my business while working full time at another job.  I work a lot but I am in love with hair and makeup and I am thank ful I have the oppurtunity to do what I do.  Besides my loving husband, it is my absolute passion in life.  I love making my friends, family and clients feel beautiful!  It is such a great feeling in my tummy ;-)  A pure joy to say the least.

Here are just a couple photos that I posted on instagram yesterday on a fun night with my friends and dear clients!!!!!  Had a great time with my pals!!!!  Today I have two beautiful friends/clients from D.C. coming for some new hair!  Pics will be posted soon!!!  Pictures number 1 and 2 are of my friend/client Ashley Davis!!!  She has beautiful strawberry blonde hair,  and she is also a jewelry designer you should check out her fabulous gems for sale. Here is her website on Etsy.

Pictures 3 and 4 are my friend Deborah Hasenfus!!!  She is a dear friend, and her sister Laura is one of my bestest friends!!!  Love them!  She is a natural beauty and has beautiful hair to work with!!!!

Enjoy your weekend my friends, love you all and so thankful for this blog and all the great people I am meeting and connecting with through the blogging community, its amazing for reals!!!

Love you,
xoxo Dinah