Thursday, June 27, 2013

The perfect playlist for my getaway

Today is my Friday at work since I will be embarking on a week long getaway to KEY WEST starting Saturday morning!!!  So I had to gather up some tunes that in my opinion are the best playlist to jam out to by the pool, beach or anywhere warm and tropical!!!   Enjoy :)

Matisyahu-King Without a Crown

Bob Marley- Sun is Shining

Slightly Stoopid-Wiseman (Acoustic Version)


Men at Work- Overkill

Jimmy Buffett- A Pirate Looks at 40

311- Amber

Talking Heads-This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

And this is what I have been waiting for....

I will be back with pictures and stories in about a week!!  

Dinah xo

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tag- Seven Deadly Sins Of Beauty

Hey friends!!

I really loved reading this tag post from the awesome Shannon from The Creation of Beauty is Art!!!  I think she is amazing!!!!  I thought this tag was super creative and fun to read!!  So I definitely wanted to participate.  Thank you Shannon for posting such a fun tag :-)   Check out her page and read her answers too!

Greed: What is your most expensive beauty item?
That I use consistently?  Definitely my Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks...I have about 6 or 7 shades and I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Wrath: Which item do you have a love/hate relationship with?
Probably the Oil of Olay make up remover wipes...I mean some days I love how great it removes my make up but some times when I buy a new refill they aren't as wet as other packs I have purchased and I end up using more than one to get all my make up off.....anyone else have this problem?

Gluttony: What brand makes up most of your collection?
I think I am with Shannon on this question....NARS!!!!  I have probably 5 shades of blush, countless amounts of eyeshadows and eyeliner!!!  Nars is such a great make up line and I could never go without their awesome colors!

Sloth: What product do you neglect the most due to laziness?
My smashbox foundation primer....I love how it makes my make up stay on but during the week I just skip it because I am either in a hurry to get to work or I just don't care, haha!

Pride: Which product gives you the most confidence?
My Aveda dual coverage covers up my flaws and doesn't make me feel like I have gobs of make up on!!  Been using it for years and it never disappoints!

Lust: Which item is at the top of your beauty wish list?
Hands down the Clarisonic sonic skincare brush!!  I have always wanted one and am afraid to pay the extra money for one!!!!   Maybe a birthday or christmas present???  hehe

Envy: Which make up product/look is great on others but not yourself?
I have had problem skin for so many years so I cannot get away with just putting on minimal makeup.  I envy women who have great skin and can get away with just putting on a little tinted moisturizer and some lip gloss...I can't.  If I decide to wear make up I have to go all the way!  LOL

Just like Shannon mentioned, I think this tag is super fun and I encourage all to do it too!!!!!!

Dinah xo

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not for the faint of heart.....

Hey hey!!!

You have no idea how great it feels to really be able to talk about everything now.  I feel like I was going to explode any day!

Today I go in to see a Perinatal doctor suggested by my OB-GYN.  All you moms out there may know exactly what I am referring to.  I had to prick my finger and drop my blood on the little circles, send it off to a lab and now I am going in to discuss the blood results and get an ultrasound to rule out the possibility of down's syndrome.  I am an extreme worry wart.  I always have been.  So I am not exactly thrilled about going  to this appt, but I know its good to just take a precautionary leap and be safe.  I know the good lord above will be watching and will never give me or my husband anything we cannot handle.  Any positive thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated!!!  I already prayed about it several times between yesterday and this morning...

To those who have been sick through out their pregnancies....doesn't it feel great to be taking a shower and all of a sudden you projectile vomit all over the place?!! Has that happened to you? that's happened to me...and not going to lie, its not cool!!!!

Or how about the times when you are hanging out with friends and you have gas that is as toxic and loud as a volcano eruption....yep!  Do not misunderstand...I am not complaining!!!  It kinda makes me laugh to be always wonder how you will be when you are expecting.

Hope you got a chuckle from this....if you are grossed out...sorry I am not sorry.

Dinah xo

Monday, June 24, 2013

I can finally spill the beans....


I am so freaking excited to finally announce that I am officially 12 weeks pregnant.  It has been so hard not to talk about it on here and write out how I have been the flakiness and MIAness is because of this, LOL!!!!  I am due January 5th 2014!!!!   

So many emotions and things going through my head.   First of all, I think I have had every symptom that was listed on my "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book!!!   Morning sickness (they need to just call that all day and night sickness), extreme fatigue, horrible acne all over my chest and back, and the awesome crabbiness and moodiness. There are days where if someone just simply said hello to me at work, I would give them the look of death, LOL!!!!    Lately I just started to feel the dizziness and headaches.  My doc states that I should start feeling better in a couple weeks, and I really hope its true because I would love to start enjoying myself and my pregnancy and start feeling less like a moody zombie and more like the person that I am...LOL  God bless my husband.  He has been very patient and supportive through out these last few weeks, love you babe!!!

Last Monday we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time and it was so cool!!!  Doc said it was a healthy and strong heartbeat, 160 beats per min...could not have been more happy to have heard that!!!  

I am really looking forward to sharing more of my journey with you all.

Dinah xo

Friday, June 21, 2013

My apologies for an almost week hiatus!!

Hi friends!!!

I just wanted to say hello and I freaking miss you!  I have been taking a little breather in blog land this week to just relax and focus on work and life!  I hope everyone's week was great and that you are all pumped for the weekend ahead!

Is anyone scratching their heads at Kim K and Kanye's baby name?!!!!  North West???!!  Really?  I thought maybe it was a ridiculous joke, but no....I guess I shouldn't be surprised!  Great, now that poor baby is going to be compared to an US airline company, good job Kimye!!!  Sigh...LOL

 I am so sad of James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano's passing...he was such an incredible actor I am just in such shock!!!  The movies he has been in and who can forget the bad ass Tony from The Sopranos?!!!  Even though his character was often a sneaky bastard who constantly cheated on Carmela and did bad, he was a bad ass!!!  He will be missed among so many great actors who lives were taken too soon!

I hope to be bringing many exciting things your way very soon!!!! To those of you who have been following and reading, thank you for your support and stay tuned for some freshness soon!!!

Love ya,
Dinah xo

Friday, June 14, 2013

My Friday jam out list!!!!

John Lennon- Instant Karma 

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros- Home

The Beach Boys- God Only Knows

Coldplay- Yellow

Fleetwood Mac- Rhiannon

Yeah Yeah Yeah's- Maps 

Dave Matthews Band- Two Step

Keep calm and let the music play xo

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The taste of "True Blood" is coming back.....

I am geared up and ready for 9pm est this Sunday for HBO to premiere season 6 of TRUE BLOOD!!!   ****** SPOILER ALERT**** to those who have not watched season 5.  Been waiting what feels like a lifetime to get this going!!!   I have to admit, I have read most of the books based on this series and I was really disappointed in last season....the stories were kinda dragged out and I feel like it wasn't related to the books at all!! AND HELLO...why did they make Tara into a vampire?!!!  I did not want her character to be killed off, but it was very weird to see her as a vamp!  And what is up with this so called Lilith that Bill has morphed into?!!!!  LOL  So here's hoping to a much better, juicer, sexier and more bloody season 6!!!! 

Aww...don't ya just love Jason....sigh!!!

I have to admit, I miss the old Pam and Eric sometimes....

Do you have any favorite seasons of TB?   My personal faves are Seasons One and Two...those were the bomb!!!!

Dinah xo

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another comedy in the works....

Happy hump day peeps!!!

I have a ton of fun stuff coming up for my upcoming weekend!  I get to see my bestie Kristin for a quick trip up to D.C. for our dear friend's baby shower...then my hubby purchased tickets for us to see the hilarious Dave Chapelle live on Saturday night!!!  I am a HUGE fan of Dave....he can be a little controversial, but come on what decent comedian isn't?!!  If anyone has watched the Chapelle Show on Comedy Central, you must know how funny he is!!!!

This is one of my tears every single time, LOL!!!! 
It's a celebration bitches!!!!

Okay, so I have noticed something my dog does when we play fetch.  She loves to stop drop and roll during it and for some silly reason she reminds me of this when I watch....I am laughing so hard I can barely type right now.... Chloe will fall to the ground with her tennis ball in her mouth and it's like she falls in slow motion

Only 18 days until I arrive at this beautiful place....
Don't be jealous.....

Dinah xo

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bold prints really rock my world

I am digging so many bold prints these days!!!  Have been seeing tons of great finds in my fashion mags!  Do you have any favorites that you have been seeing lately?

Bold prints rock my world

Friday, June 7, 2013

Don't happy!!! My childhood jam list!!!!

Hey hey sunshine friends!!!

I decided to compile a list of songs that remind me of my childhood...songs that I can listen to and remember being a little tike again.  Sorry I am not sorry for the MIAness the last couple days.  I am not going to be obsessive on getting material out on here if I don't have it.  If I am not feeling inspired I am not going to force it.  Capeesh?!!

Alrighty, here it goes!

1. Don't Worry Be Happy- Bobby McFerrin
2. Tell It To My Heart- Taylor Dayne
3. If I could Turn Back Time- Cher
4. Love Is All Around You- Tesla
5. Sweet Child O' Mine- Guns N Roses
6. Regret- New Order
7. Heart and Soul- T'Pau
8. Voices Carry- Til Tuesday
9. Fancy- Reba McEntire
10. True Blue- Madonna
Those are just a small amount of songs I remember from childhood...there are so many more!

What are some songs from your childhood that you remember?  Any that you remember singing to?

I hope you all have a great weekend,
Dinah xo

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Venture on over to Ocean Avenue

Warby Parker's absolutely swoon worthy new Ocean Avenue line that is....curious?  You should be.  Close your eyes and picture yourself walking on the beach in the summer listening to your favorite tunes, sipping a cold beer or cocktail, and planning the next big hangout amongst your closest pals. Not just any usual hangout...the hangout that will blow your mind.  So huge that it will be the talk of the summer.   I was thrilled to be contacted to help promote and launch this new line.  It is more fantastic than I imagined...

Without further ado, I would like to introduce to you Warby Parker Presents: Ocean Avenue

These are my personal favorites....I highly encourage you to check out the eyeglasses here and the sunglasses here...and please let me know your personal favorites too...I am sure you will love them all. you almost wanna cruise the boardwalk and eat some cotton candy?  Or dance beside a boom box, or maybe even soak up the sun and dip your toes in the sand?  I thought so...

I hope you all enjoyed Warby Parker presents: Ocean Avenue!!!

Dinah xo

Monday, June 3, 2013

The average dog is nicer than the average person.....

So is amazing how unconditional and loving dogs are.

I have always known this, but this past weekend spending time with my doggy I realized something....she is the most precious and amazing creature.  She gives my hubby and I such love that it just makes me want to squeeze the shit out of her, LOL!!!  That is a term of endearment for me, so no offense.  Watching her play around in the river and getting a bath and seeing her face light up when we play catch with the tennis ball, it's just a joy to see.  I look through pics through out the years of her growing up and I am so blessed we chose her out of the litter of pups that day.

Love my sweet girl....

This is the first day we had her....she was howling!  

She still gives us that look.....
She was clearly pissed because we made her dress up for the Halloween festivities...ha!

Many memories have been made with this sweet girl, she is a blessing to my hubby and I.  

Dinah xo