Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Movin on up....take two!!!!

Hey friends!!!

So I had posted a big announcement a couple days back and had to do a little re arranging!   So here is a take two to keep all my friends in the loop!!

My hubby and I are moving to Madison, Wisconsin in November due to his job!  We are very excited to be embarking on a new journey and since we are both from Michigan we will be so much closer to our families which is a huge plus for our baby girl being due in early January!!!  So, alot on my plate emotionally!   I feel as though every day I am over thinking and stressed just trying to wrap my head around getting everything ready and tying up loose ends.   Daily questions in my head go like this... "Will we be settled in a new home in time before I go into labor"?  "Will I like the new doctor I am going to be seeing so close to the end of my pregnancy"?  "Will I meet new friends with similar interests"?   You get the picture!  I think moving, and having a baby is a big deal considering doing both at the same time...  

I will be extremely sad to say goodbye to some wonderful friends I have made here in good ol' Richmond.  I know the goodbyes are not forever, just so long for now.  So again, this post is dedicated to all my great peeps here in Richmond!  Love you all!!!

Peace and stay tuned for more!



  1. Good luck!!! Moving is tough but it sounds like the right move for your family!

  2. Sad you're leaving VA, but happy for you for this new chapter in your lives! Having family close to help with baby Sunshine will give you so much peace of mind! xo

  3. We are going to miss you SO MUCH!!!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. I am seriously SO happy for you and Eric!! What a wonderful journey! I know there is so much to stress about but I just know everything will work out PERFECTLY!

  5. Yay for being near family! That's why we are excited about moving too. Congrats!


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