Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The things I miss the most….

Hola pals!!

I am currently relaxing on our new sectional sofa and it's great!!!  Will post pics once I have added the appropriate embellishments (winky wink)!!!     Anywho,  I am sure many of you who are mommies had a list of things or pre pregnancy routines  they would look forward to after they delivered their bundle of joy.   Not to be negative, but you all have to allow me to let this out.  Just because I am complaining doesn't mean I do not appreciate that I have had a  pretty easy pregnancy thus far, but I have had probably every annoying symptom of pregnancy, and I am ready for it to be done.  I feel like I am about to break in half…she is taking over my body like an alien.  I hurt all over, I often cannot sleep at all due to the heartburn and having to urinate every 10 mins, and the pressure and pain in my pelvic region feels like I have been riding on an old 80's ten speed bicycle for probably about 100 years….no joke!!!   Add walking to that pressure….it's not fun!   Anyway I guess my biggest thing is this…please do not tell me that I should be grateful or to stop complaining "at least you can experience it"….. it makes me want to scream!   If I told all of you that this experience has been the most beautiful and I loved every minute, is a complete lie.

I am determined to get back what I once loved and experience the following…

1.  My skinny jeans.  (I spent hard earned moola on some expensive ones and I will get back into them).
2.  Being able to sleep on my stomach ( I realize my sleep will be limited for some time after our lil girl arrives, but even if I can sleep on my stomach for a couple hours at a time, will be worth it)
3.  Running again…I cannot wait to start my running journey back up again.  I decided to take a hiatus when I became pregnant because for one I was vomiting so badly in the beginning and I just was paranoid of overdoing if incase I was high risk or anything risky in general.  I plan to run another half marathon next year and I cannot wait to train!
4. Having a cocktail or a delicious craft beer  I enjoy cuddling on the couch with my hubster and just enjoying each others company and sharing a bevy.  Or sharing a glass of vino with a BFF….those are good times I tell ya!
5. This is funny, but I want to be able to clean my house in record time.  Now, I am lucky if I can scrub a toilet without feeling winded and having to lie on the couch after every move.  Or to just be able to complete common tasks without wanting to crawl in the fetal position due to the pressure of my belly, LOL!!!

Those are just a few, but friends believe me when I say this.  I know mommy hood will be wonderful, I know that all I have been experiencing will all be forgotten when she comes into this world.  I cannot wait  for my hubby and I to be parents and to share this together.

Have a swell day peeps,
Dinah xo


  1. I think it's good to be realistic - it is not all sunshine and roses and though these are exciting times, they are tough times, too! Your body is preparing you for a major marathon of childbirth and motherhood and it's usually not very nice and coddling about it! You know it will all be worth it in the long run, you don't need us to tell you :O)

    I hope you get to enjoy a good run and a cocktail soon (and baby snuggles and a nap for good measure)!

  2. I need an update on your life!!
    Okay, my comments for you list!
    1- it will happen! I could fit in my jeans a week and a half after Mia was born but it was SUPER uncomfortable because, I just pushed a baby out. I wore sweats and soft materials for the first month after she was born. You'll see what I'm talking about if you have a vag delievery. But my jeans are too small now! I haven't been this small since high school! I'm pretty sure the combination of working out and nursing is what did it for me.
    2- Are you planning to nurse? Once the swelling goes down you'll be able to sleep on your tummy RIGHT after feeding her but that will only last for like 10 minutes until you fill up and start leaking, ha ha. But after a couple months everything evens out and now for me? That's the only way I fall asleep!
    3- I started running at 6 or 7 week post pardum (had to stop while pregnant because of my sciatic nerve) and let me tell you, it sucked! Your body is still recovering (obviously) and I swear I could feel my bones shifting and grinding as I ran. Ah! But it does get better and your body will go back to normal! Just don't be freaked out at first.
    5- Good luck, ha ha! It took me so long to get the hang of cleaning with a new born and by the time I felt like I was back into my routine of cleaning? Mia became mobile and it makes cleaning even harder! Oh these sweet babies! They definitely mix things up in life ;)


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