Monday, November 11, 2013

A big hurdle complete…and I'm back!

Hello friends!

It has definitely been a long time since I have graced my presence on the sunshine train!!  Sorry pals.  I love you all and have missed blogging and all it entails terribly!  As you all read,  I announced in mid September that the hubster and I were planning to relocate to Madison, Wisconsin due to his job.  Well I took a much needed break so I could finish up the chapter that I will miss terribly in Richmond, VA. Closing that chapter was extremely stressful and hard for me.  I made some very special friends and the thought of leaving it made my insides hurt.  Not to seem so dramatic but it's true.

Anyhow, we made it safely to Madison and are officially homeowners to a beautiful home.  We are very lucky and fortunate that it all fell into place as quickly as it did.  Thank you god for that.  I feel extremely blessed to have a hardworking hubby who takes care of me and took care of all the heavy lifting.  He made this process very easy for me to transition into.  I am currently at my 32 week mark of pregnancy and I am doing great.  I have the common prego symptoms that are annoying but I am trying to just take it in stride.  I have gained roughly 35 pounds and I have been told I am all belly….I hope that works in my favor when our little girl arrives…hopefully I will lose the baby weight safely and will get back to (or close to) the weight before I became pregnant.

Just wanted to say hello to you all and just say that I really look forward to begin my blogging journey back up again and share with you all the exciting experiences that I am about to embrace these next couple months.      And below are some shots that my hubster captured on our last day in Richmond….goodbye RVA, we love you and all our peeps!

See you soon, and I promise it will not be for as long…. ;-)

Peace xo,


  1. So many changes! I hope that you are adjusting to your new place - moving is tough. <3

  2. Hey friend!!! Glad to see you back!! I miss you and every time I drive by your old house I get a little sad!! Love these pics too!! xoxoxo

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. Missing you loads sweet friend!! How special that baby girl will have these photos of her "womb-time" in RVA to look back on one day. Love!!

    xo ~
    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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