Friday, July 18, 2014

Current hair that I die over....

Now that I am growing the pixie I am hugely inspired by some amazing color and cut ideas to try on my clients or yours truly.  Whether you have longer hair or short and in transition like myself, here are some amazing inspiration/pinspiration worthy styles that I would love to try on others and meee. Winky!

Someone who is in the process of growing out their hair and have a darker mane would look fantastic with this incredible natural looking ombre.  That is my goal ....and I encourage others in the between stage should try it on for size.  

GAHHHH, this is so rad.  I like very short hair and I admire boldness in women who have the guts to do it.  I did,  and it was the best ever.  The pink brings a very feminine approach to a shattered, undercut pixie.  

The long tendrils with the intense copper intensifies a natural dark brunette. A little bold but so beautiful. 

Anything asymmetrical is my ultimate favorite style to create.  I love how messed up you can make it while cutting with such precision at the same time.  And it's a really easy style to try if you are not willing to grow your hair completely out from a short cut, so you can have it long in areas while going the opposite direction on the other side.  

I am loving all the good hair vibes lately.  It's tempting me to go wild with some color....stay tuned.

xo, D


  1. I usually have pretty long hair, but I've been looooving shorter styles!

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