Thursday, September 4, 2014

Music rocks my world....

As an extreme music lover, I often listen to all types of music.  I love to post playlists based on my moods, or maybe by inspiration from a memory, hairstyle, a movie, it doesn't matter because music is one of  the most influential aspects to all my creativity and passion in my life.  That includes my loved ones who support and encourage me as well.  Here are some tunes that make me think of my friends, my daughter, my passion for hair and fashion, or just life lately.  As always, my playlists are never in any particular order or specific genre.  I prefer mostly obscure artists (not top 40)......I am not a hater of today's music it just isn't my style.  I was raised with such incredible music growing up.  So old school jams are always my go to.  Also,  I am an old soul deep down.  It's true.

Guns N Roses- Sweet Child of Mine
Fleetwood Mac- Seven Wonders
The entire new Jack White album (Lazaretto)
Beach House- Silver Soul
The Beatles- Something
St. Vincent- Digital Witness
Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins- You are what you love
The Smashing Pumpkins- Rocket
Stevie Wonder- You are the Sunshine of My Life
Roxy Music- More than this

If you feel like listening, enjoy. 

Keep calm because it's almost the weekend and let the music play.


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  1. I am also a huge music lover. It is amazing how one song can totally change your day....or how an album can take you back to another time in your life. Love this post!


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