Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Total weirdness that I have encountered as a new mom.....

So,  I have been totally humbled and grateful for the friends and family who have been parents for a while give me great advice that I now use and find extremely helpful to raise my daughter.  However, I have definitely come across total and complete weirdness along the way....like scratch my head, laugh for days type of stuff.  For example, here are some phrases that were actually said to me.  No lie, prepare to laugh, or just say to yourself, Really?

1. "Oh you are not breastfeeding....I'm sorry".   WHAT?  Who the hell asked you.  And seriously, why does a stranger even ask or care?  I did what was best for myself so that I could properly care for my child.  Eff off.

Are you scratching your head???  wink.

2.  "Oh you use Pampers diapers....that's a terrible choice".   

3.  "I can't believe you aren't co-sleeping with your baby."   (Well that's funny, I bet their kid is 5 and still sleeping in their room) Maybe not, but I don't ask.  Mind your business!  My child is just fine in her crib which was purchased and all done up for her to actually sleep in.  Get it?  Mmmkay.  I don't ask you how you choose to raise your child.  If you want to have your baby in your room, no judgement.  I could care less.  

4. "You are already going on an overnight date with your husband and your child is only a month old"?    Ummm yeah, why not?  My marriage didn't stop just because we had a baby.  Calm down.  

5. "You look way too trendy for a new mom".    (Yep, that was actually said)  What did you expect, a replica of the walking dead?  I am a person who will always have individuality and style while being a great mom.  Was I exhausted in the beginning?  Yes.  But when I went out I did my best to feel good about myself.  I feel like mothers sometimes pass soooo much judgement instead of just being supportive.

Take a joke....I am a person who is learning to raise my child just like everyone else.

6. "So you don't make your own baby food"?  "Why"?  HAHA.  No.  I find it very convenient to go to the store and purchase perfectly healthy baby food in individual jars that are labeled and all that good stuff.  Oh snap!

7. "I feel so awful for you that you chose a c-section".    Gee thanks.  I mean yes it was surgery and there are always risks attached.  However,  I labored for 24 hours and pushed for several hours with no progress.....thanks for the support. 

I know.  Being a parent is automatically going to put you in situations where you often leave scratching your head.  It's life.  I am trying to get used to it. 

To the new mommas and seasoned ones  out there....I got your back and will always support anything you choose to be right for your child and family.

Dinah xo


  1. I found (surprisingly) that people were way overly opinionated with unsolicited feedback and advice. Hang in there mama! Only you know what is best for your perfect little one and family!

    Haute Child in the City

  2. Oh I totally feel you on this one, girl. Everybody and their mother has an opinion. I just smile real sweet-like and say, "well I'm glad that worked for you." #butnobodyaskedforyouropinionsoshutup :) hehe.

  3. Dinah you crack me up! I love your writing :)


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