Monday, September 8, 2014

Punk rock, posters, colors...oh my!!!

While I was reading my latest issue of Cosmopolitan yesterday and enjoying a delicious brew in my hand my eyes stopped dead in its tracks at this amazing art that was compiled onto an iphone cover.  If any of you love punk rock, 90's grunge, new wave and classic rock like me you will die over these images.  I had to do some research and find out who and what in the hell these fantastic ideas came from.  I discovered the inspiration is from the AMAZING Mike Joyce.  The drummer from The Smiths....THE SMITHS....I die.  He owns the company Stereotype designs located in NYC.  He started a project called Swissted and has taken actual vintage music flyers and transformed them into these bright, magnetic, super cool posters.  For all the info on his project Swissted....look here.  So many of his fans went crazy over these posters so he started an official Swissted shop.  You can shop for yourself here.  Again, I know so many of my friends who collect music posters and if you have not seen these, you must check em' out.

This is what sucks me in....Art, music, creativity.  I love it all.  

Seriously, can you believe the colors??!!!

Call me.... call me any, me.

I'm in love.....le sigh.

xo, Dinah

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