Thursday, June 13, 2013

The taste of "True Blood" is coming back.....

I am geared up and ready for 9pm est this Sunday for HBO to premiere season 6 of TRUE BLOOD!!!   ****** SPOILER ALERT**** to those who have not watched season 5.  Been waiting what feels like a lifetime to get this going!!!   I have to admit, I have read most of the books based on this series and I was really disappointed in last season....the stories were kinda dragged out and I feel like it wasn't related to the books at all!! AND HELLO...why did they make Tara into a vampire?!!!  I did not want her character to be killed off, but it was very weird to see her as a vamp!  And what is up with this so called Lilith that Bill has morphed into?!!!!  LOL  So here's hoping to a much better, juicer, sexier and more bloody season 6!!!! 

Aww...don't ya just love Jason....sigh!!!

I have to admit, I miss the old Pam and Eric sometimes....

Do you have any favorite seasons of TB?   My personal faves are Seasons One and Two...those were the bomb!!!!

Dinah xo


  1. Love me some TB & Eric Northman. But I also love Jason, Alcide & Sam.

    I was disappointed with last season. I did hear that Eric will be naked a lot more this year. I'm good with that.

  2. Yayyyyy, can't wait until Sunday! :) I agree, some of the storylines of last season were so weird. Still hoping that Eric and Sookie get back together and stay together. Sigh. ;)

  3. soooo excited for this to come back. i can't imagine what they are going to end up doing with bill, so crazy. and i loooove pam. and lafayette. i could watch a show where lafayette just works at merlotte's and makes sassy comments all day haha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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