Thursday, July 11, 2013

Maternity fashion...yay or nay?

So, I have a love/hate relationship with the thought of wearing certain maternity clothing.  I think everyone has a right to their own sense of style and should be able to express themselves however they choose, and I think us pregnant ladies also need to be able to express ourselves too.  I just hate half of the maternity fashion out there today...sorry!   I like to dress with an edge and some spunk and do not want to look like a person who is being drowned in a mumu.  Not going to lie,  Motherhood, pea in a pod, and destination maternity is barfville for me.  I hate it and refuse to shop there.   I think a lot of women look great in what ever they want to wear while they are expecting.  We are all individuals with completely different tastes and I think that is what makes us all interesting and great.    I like vintage, rock n roll and my mission to keep that in my wardrobe will happen!!!   I do not mind shopping at certain places for basic stuff like leggings, and dress pants maybe throw in a tank top or two!

I have found that these two websites are probably my savior when it comes to variety and a little spunk....
Top Shop Maternity  and Asos Maternity

These outfits are just adorbs!!!!

I wanted to include some Top Shop items but their website doesn't show models wearing them!!!

I am holding out and making the most out of my normal size clothes as long as I can...and I think I will definitely be investing in a few awesome items from these fantastic sites!

Anyone who has worn maternity in the past, did you have a specific place or shop that you loved?  

Dinah xo


  1. Maternity fashion is a little bleak; but I did the majority of my shopping as ASOS. I bought a lot of basics (super soft tees and tanks) at Gap and invested in really great designer maternity jeans and called it a day. I was lucky that a lot of my clothes transitioned well into the later phases of my pregnancy. I also lived in maxi dresses. Good luck!

  2. I did most of my maternity shopping at Target because it was cheaper than most places. But I'm not that edgy, ha. ;)

    Can't wait to see your maternity style, chickadee!

  3. You could rock all of those! You have to wear what you are most comfortable in. :)

  4. These are all super cute! I love that maternity wear is so fashionable now.

  5. Are you kidding me? Those are freakin' CUTE!
    Just don't make the mistake of squeezing into your normal clothes until the very last minute. I wore my normal pants (unbuttoned and unzipped) until 30 weeks. When I finally started wearing maternity pants and leggings I was kicking myself! SOOOOO comfy! Pregnancy is uncomfortable enough...don't make it worse by avoiding the maternity bottoms, ha!

  6. loved! asos is my fave! but keep an eye open for H&M!

  7. ASOS made their maternity wear just for you!! These scream you!! :-)

    Jayme @ HLNC

  8. YAY!
    so many of my friends are having babies! i think it's great to be a fashionable mommy to be! these pieces are great you shared too!



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