Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tag post: 13 personal questions....

I am so excited to share this tag that the awesome Shannon from The Creation of Beauty is Art posted on her blog a couple days ago!!!!  So please check out her page and what she answered on these questions as well!!!  This tag is for everyone, so definitely re post and I would love to know what your answers are too!!!

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
I am not a coffee drinker really and now that I am pregnant I am definitely not, but I love their protein packs that are offered there.  It comes with Cheese, crackers, fruit and an egg...a great healthy mini lunch or snack!!!  

2. What's one thing in your closet that you can't live without?
Well....usually its my skinny jeans!!!!  I am a jean and vintage t-shirt girl and when I am not at work that is what I love to live in....and now since I am gaining weight I live in my maternity skinny jeans and any top that that I feel great in right now!!!

3. What's one thing that most people do not know about you?
I am kind of an open book....but this is something I usually never reveal since its embarrassing.  I often talk to myself when I am either home cleaning, or driving in my car running errands.  I find that I have an internal check list and when I talk it out loud I find it comforting and able to get stuff done! 

4. What is one thing you want to do before you die?
Would love to travel to New Zealand with my husband and children someday.  That is a trip of a lifetime in my opinion.

5. What's one food you cannot live without?
Mexican food....hands down!

6. What is one quote that you live your life by?
I don't really live by a specific quote per say, but this quote always brings me so much joy and happiness.... "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you". -Dr. Seuss.   This quote reminds me that we are all different and have so much to offer, so wanting to be like someone else just holds you back from what you truly have to offer.

7. What do you like and dislike about the blogging community?
I really like all the individual creativity that I see on a daily basis while blogging. It's refreshing!  What I truly dislike?  I think some bloggers are only concerned about having a huge following and only do posts about giveaways to gain followers when they aren't really revealing content that is worth reading.  No offense to anyone who does that, it's just not my thing and I choose to read blogs for the content that it offers.  I also get annoyed when you are showing a blogger love by truly responding to their posts because you really love to read their content and they never, EVER respond to yours!!! Don't be a blog snob...we are not celebrities, we are normal, every day people who love to blog just like everyone else!   (sorry, I am off my soapbox now)

8. What's your number one song on your ipod/itunes?
Right now....it's "Feel So Close to you" By Calvin Harris

9. What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?
I am a true vintage/edgy girl.  Anything with a little rock and some pizzaz...that's my style calling.

10. Favorite number?

11. What are two of your hobbies?
Definitely watching movies, and hanging out with my hubster/friends/family!!!!

12. What are two of your pet peeves?
I dislike people who are rude and inconsiderate for no reason,  and backseat drivers.

13. What is your guilty pleasure?
Any real housewives show on Bravo TV....

Hope you enjoyed reading, and again PLEASE feel free to tag this on your post and have fun!!!!  Tomorrow is the BIG REVEAL for The Messy Project, and cannot wait to share with you all what I did with my piece!!!!  If you are unfamiliar, please visit my friend Kelly @ Messydirtyhair.com and learn more!!!!  She is fantastic!!!

Dinah xo

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  1. Ooooh man, I'm totally a back seat driver! But only to my husband and my parents... ha! But you just wait, you'll totally turn into one as your baby grows! I was crazy at the end of my pregnancy because I didn't want to get in a wreck that would put me into early labor, or worse. But maybe that was just one of my fears and you won't experience that!
    I'd LOVE to go to New Zealand someday! You might as well take a couple more weeks and go to Australia while you're over there ;)


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