Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some postcards from paradise....

Excuse the t-shirts...this fashion sense was the hubster's idea...promise!!!!  

See...can you tell this was my hubby's idea?  ;-)

Merica!!!!!  God bless our country!!!!  I giggle when I look at my man's face in this pic...LOL!

Currently family of two..but soon a lil' fam of "three" :-)

Cause' were cool like that!!!

Nothing better than family, fun and a little sun in paradise....and not to mention celebrating our nations freedom too!

Dinah xo


  1. Oh my goodness, you look adorable! Love the matching shirts! And the matching smiles ;)

  2. Loooove these! Why aren't you posting on insta and rubbing it in all our faces that you're on an amazing vacation?!?! ha ha!

  3. Looks like a lovely vacay! Love the teeny tiny baby bump - you look fantastic!

  4. Seriously cracking up at E's face!! HAHA!! You guys are too cute!! So glad that you had such a wonderful vacation! You guys deserved a nice break. :-)

    Jayme @ HLNC

  5. Wait, no way!! I've haven't been here for way too long! I didn't know you were pregnant!! YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS girl!!! Your little belly is so cute :) Love these cute pics of you and your Hubby haha. Looks like you had an awesome vacation!


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