Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My idea of our perfect nursery....

Good morning peeps!!!

So, my hubby and I scheduled our gender reveal ultrasound for AUGUST 14TH!!!!!!   So excited and cannot wait to know if we have a lil lady coming or a lil man....either way I would be over joyed!!!  I have no preference whatsoever!!!   So, with that in our minds we have definitely had some ideas (well I have had ideas) LOL on what would look awesome for the nursery.  I am just going to put this out there now,  I am not going to do a "themed" baby room...it's just not what I want.  The baby is going to have no clue what the heck is in their room.  I want it to be cute, but sort of minimal and color schemed.  Here are some ideas that I have found on pinterest, etc...that I am loving!!   And, I can totally find a lot of these items on consignment and spend half the money!!  BONUS!   Let's face the music....budgeting and saving as much money as you can is a win win when you are trying to get your lives ready for your bundle of joy coming!!!

I love the idea of having a bright dresser and adding little accessories along the way...too cute!!!

I am dying over this....anything vintage that can be spruced up with a little paint is an A+ in my book!

ADORABLE for a little baby boy....I love the old school vibe!!!

And for a little lady.....not too keen on the changing table fabric but that could be changed!

I think it is absolutely amazing what you can do with an old dresser and a little bit of paint!!!  If you are more of a themed person, I totally get it and that is cool if that is your thing.  I am a vintage girl for sure so I definitely want my baby's room to have a vintage feel....cannot wait to know the sex of our baby peanut, come on August 14th!!!!!

Dinah xo


  1. I love this idea!! It's so you!! Can't wait for the 14th!! So exciting!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. beautiful colors ! :)

    zapraszam: http://outsidekatte.blogspot.com/

  3. Oooooooh MY! I need that pink and white dresser for Mia! That is so perfect!
    August 14th can't come soon enough! I'm dying to find out :) This is all just SO EXCITING!


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