Friday, August 23, 2013

"What's up with THAT"?!

I know what some of you may be I referring to the funny SNL skit, "What's up with that"?  Nope...but I have to jump up on my sunshine soap box on some topics this Friday on things I have witnessed and have to think to myself...really..."What's up with THAT"?!

First!  Okay, why is it when you are going to the restroom at work and you hear other ladies surrounding you clearly using the facilities and even dropping a number 2 in there, (sorry)  and they leave the stall and walk right out of the bathroom without even washing their hands?!!!  SERIOUSLY!!!  I am getting angry just typing this.  Or hearing the "swish, swish" for a total of 5 seconds??  Okay, your not fooling anyone. I know you probably think you have fooled me by turning the water on and running your hands under it for 5 seconds but ya didn't.... But come on y'all  "What's up with THAT"?

Come on bitches...get stuff done and wash your grimy poopy hands!!!  Boom!

Second...I feel as though lately I get weird stares from strangers when I am either walking to my car, walking in a mall or just in public period.  Especially the dudes...they stare right at my belly as though I am mutating the next big alien movie character and they just cannot look away.  I AM PREGNANT not growing three heads.  Jeeze..."What's up with THAT"??
Imagine me staring back and then bombing them with this expression... I guess I could make them think that I am actually an alien.....I will haunt you in your sleep you crazy looker ;-)  I kid I kid!

And third....WAS ANYBODY JUST COMPLETELY DUMBFOUNDED WITH HBO'S TRUE BLOOD this season?  I wanted to throw a book at the television every Sunday evening.  I have been such a die hard fan of this series and read the books and it just has gotten so stupid.  Even the acting is just awful.  WHY????  WHY????  AND...WHAT'S UP WITH THAT????

Have you witnessed any whats up with that moments lately? Pour it out to me...

Peace and TGIF,
Dinah xo


  1. Omg, yes... True Blood was a disaster! What in the world is up with Anna Paquin/Sookie? She can't act her way out of a paper bag lately! I was so so so disappointed with the season and especially the finale. Womp, womp.

  2. I, too, and baffled at number one. Or when you can hear the sink going forever but when you walk over there's no soap suds in it... hmmm...

  3. True Blood has definitely gone off the deep end.

  4. Public restrooms are my worst nightmare! I totally have stage freight (tmi, I know!) and I can't even pee when I know people can hear me... let alone... you know. So I don't understand how people feel comfortable enough to do that in public... and then comfortable enough to NOT WASH THEIR HANDS?! Ah!
    And girl, you just WAIT! You're getting the stares now but before you know it you'll be getting the comments and then the belly rubs ;) Enjoy! Ha ha!


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