Friday, August 16, 2013

The words I never thought I would hear..."You're a D cup ma'am" got it friends...I finally had to go "bra" shopping yesterday because let's face it, when you are 5 months pregnant and trying to squeeze your boobies into your current/pre pregnancy feels like you are being encased like a sausage.  I actually had to pull over in my car and take off my strapless bra the other day, it was unbearable...but I just wanted to wait as long as I could so I wasn't having to purchase more than necessary.  So I marched myself into my favorite department store yesterday and the gates of heaven opened up and I finally got some relief.  The sales lady at Nordstrom had me try some new bras on and then after squeezing into a C cup...she looked at me and said "Ma'am", you are going to need a D cup size". "WHA, WHA, WHAT"?!!!  LOL  I guess this B cup girl just couldn't believe it.
That is how my lady lumps felt after she fitted me in my new bra....

And this is how I must have looked in the dressing room...

After trying several different brands on, the sales lady had me try on a "Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort customized lift bra"  and I was a little weary since it had underwire but surprisingly it fit amazing and so comfortable!  You can find these at probably most department stores I am sure.  

So ladies...and sorry to the gents who chose to read this....I am now a proud owner of two D cup bras and it feels damn good!!  If it wasn't for my enlarged belly I probably would have skipped and hopped all the way to my car.  She even cut the tags and let me wear it home...thanks sales lady at rock!!!

Happy Friday peeps,
Dinah xo


  1. congrats on the, uh, new additions haha! when i gained some weight in college (not a good thing) i went up a size too and it was pretty exciting for me too :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. Haha that is awesome!! The one thing I'll enjoy about being prego someday ;) I'm a B cup but I feel like I'm not even filling that out anymore hahaha

  3. You and another blogger used that 2nd gif today. Hilarious!

  4. Haha yay! I'm happy you feel relief and get to wear a D cup!

  5. i need bigger boobs!


  6. Congrats! A little envious!

  7. Omg mine were non existent before pregnancy. Like an A cup. Than they went to a B cup during pregnancy and now after they are HUGE. Once your milk comes in, you are Dolly Parton instantly. I am now a large C, its crazy! Dont buy any expensive bras, trust me, they wont last long!

  8. Once again, you just wait! I had to size up 3 different times while I was pregnant, and then nursing bras? I had to get an E... AH! And when my milk came in? That wasn't even big enough (think porn star boob job boobs. That's what mine were like the first week after having Mia.) But it's short lived... my boobs are deflating and sagging. What a sad, sad life they will from here on out, HA!


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