Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My celebrity crushes....sigh

Let's be honest here, we all have celebrity crushes.  Women have them, men have them....and I think even men crush on other men and women crush on's a fact!!!  It's a fantasy to imagine it, interacting with a celeb that you crush on.   I have quite a few celebs that I obsess over and sometimes wish I could just interview or have a drink with....(okay maybe hope for a free pass card too...) LOL!!!!!  Sorry to my hubster (love you boo)!!!!  

FYI there are some lady crushes up in here too....I crush on the lady celebs because I either love their look, their acting skills or style!  

Michael C. Hall.  I always thought he was an attractive man on Six Feet Under but didn't realize the connection until I started following The Dexter series.  His character on Dexter just gives me the butterflies...I watch past seasons just so I can stare at his face. "Hey Michael, I love you, wanna make out? LOL

"Hello luvah"  Matt Bomer.  White Collar, Magic Mike.....a possible pick for the infamous Christian Grey character from Fifty Shades?!!!  So many women complain he couldn't play him because he is gay...HELLO he is an actor, many straight actors play gay characters...broaden your horizons people!!!!!

      Henry probably recognize him mostly for his role on "The Tudors"....but he is the new face of the Man of Steel aka Superman movie coming out this summer.....No lie, I have watched this movie trailer probably 200 million times...haha!!!!!  I also think he would be a stellar Christian Grey....

Kat Von D...I think she is an amazing woman and her tattoo skills are sick!  I get it, some of you may think tattoos are not "lady like" or just a waste..but ya know what???  I think if you get a tattoo for the right reasons and get something that is meaningful that describes special experiences in your life, then that is just bad a*$ in my opinion.  I think tattoos are sexy on many people and her.  She is gorgeous and so talented.  I was very lucky to have met her last summer.

How can you not love her?!!!  Michelle Williams is a true beauty.  Her iconic look is my number one for style and inspiration.  I think we could be BFF's!!!  She inspired me to cut all my hair off.

Last but not least...Jack White.  I think he is gorgeous.  His musical talent is gorgeous....such a diverse and musical genius.

Happy hump day to you all!!!  I am getting excited for my new blog design to be revealed soon.....stay tuned friends, cannot wait to show you all!

Love and sunshine,
Dinah xo


  1. I totally agreed with you on all of these until Jack White. I think Matt Bomer would be THE PERFECT choice for Christian Grey and I hope that the casting agents aren't closed minded about it either. He would be amazing! And Michelle Williams is definitely my girl crush. She is somehow so classically beautiful but seems totally normal. Love her.

  2. Definitely love Michael C. Hall! Dexter is one of my favourite shows.

  3. Matt Bomer is so yummy, ha ha! How is it even possible for a man to be that beautiful?

  4. Gotta love Michelle Williams! She is so elegant and stunning!
    xo TJ

  5. I have my list of British Stars I have a crush on. However, I don't know what I'd do if I ever met them!

    7% Solution​

  6. I've loved Michelle since Dawsons Creek!!:)

  7. Perfect!

  8. I have my own list of celebrity crushes too! I also have to say that I love your blog design! The old comic book inspired look is perfection!

  9. Ha, I love this! I have a crush on Channing Tatum (duh) and girl crushes on Minka Kelly and Jennifer Lawrence:)

  10. oh man - henry cavill! i loved him on the tudors. plus the british accent? how could you go wrong?! and loving the new design on your blog - it's so fun!

  11. Oh, I love Michael C. Hall. So hot!

    Love Michelle Williams too.


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