Thursday, April 11, 2013

A day off to play......

Hey there....this is Chlo bear, momma and I had a day off together yesterday...this is after our walk and  "ball time"!!
Hey friends!!!  

I took a little time off  for some "me" time.  It was just what I needed.  Slept in, watched movies, got my hair did, took my doggy chlo bear for a walk, simply fabulous and exactly what the doctor ordered!  I've been letting stupid shit get to me lately and I am officially done with it.  I have to stop and smell the roses more often and remember that stressing about stuff that is out of my control is just effing dumb!  I am will go on.

First of all,  have any of you seen "This is 40"?!!!  Freaking hysterical, I watched it two times yesterday!!!  Another Judd Apatow classic....I already am reciting some of the lines in my head.  The scene when they are at the hotel and eating pot brownies KILLED ME....I had to rewind it several times because of the hilariousness!!!

This is how I roll when I get my hair fabulous friend Missi and I being ridic!    She had me in tears yesterday...sorry about the pic quality...this was a "oh shit, let's take a quick photo of our shenanigans"...

This post might seem a little dull....I just needed a break.  Stay tuned for my Friday jam list tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all,
Dinah xo


  1. i'm hoping to take a day off of work next week to relax a bit and try to catch up on things as well. you need to do that every now and then, right? and i still haven't seen this is 40 yet, hope to watch it soon!

  2. Awwww cute doggy! Glad you have some time off!


  3. Look at Chloe! She is such a sweetie!! Girl, glad you had a day off to play! We all need that sometimes!! Hope you have a great weekend!! And be sure to relax and have some fun...and drinks. :-)
    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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