Tuesday, May 14, 2013

End of a loft era....

It truly is an end of a lofty downtown livin' era for me, the hubster and our doggy....hehe.  In a few short days my lil family is moving outta downtown Richmond and into a perfect home for us.  We are excited to have a little more space and a fenced in back yard for our precious chlo bear!!!   I will miss our current place a lot since it was the first place we lived in when we made the move to Richmond.  A lot of awesome memories were had there.  Noisy neighbors (I really will not miss, ha) , pubs and restaurants within walking distance, several parks and local history, the countless amounts of festivals near our apartment, being able to run/jog near the river downtown...the list could go on.
These photos were taken a long time ago, but these were the only shots I could find of our loft....

Our bedroom is completely exposed...no door or privacy. So I am thankful to be moving to a new place with doors and privacy, hehe!

Our place looks completely different now....boxes everywhere, pictures and lamps taken down and it looks pretty empty.  I know we are moving on to bigger and better things with our new place.  Stay tuned for pics of our new digs soon!!!!

Sorry I was kinda a debbie downer in yesterday's post....I felt like dog poop...and it was Monday can you blame me?  HA!!!

Love you,
Dinah xo


  1. Aw, it's bittersweet I know!! Once you get into the new place you are going to have so much fun decorating and having your own "lady" space! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. I fricken love your bar stools. Saying hi from MessyDirtyHair, but ya already know I love your blog! Happy Moving!


  3. Your loft looked so cute, I would be sad to miss that too! We live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment and honestly I can't wait to get a house or something bigger!


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