Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The time when your friend gave you that look and you just knew.....

Oh you know what I can look at your dearest girlfriends and if something is funny, frustrating, or just weird they give you a simple look and they know what you are thinking...and vice versa!

Who's ready for this hot piece of shhhhhh.....oh Henry you can rescue me anytime baby!

It's one of those mess with my food, you will get hurt, LOL!!!!  Don't judge!  It probably has something to do with the fact that everything in my  kitchen is pretty much all in cardboard boxes and our choices are to eat's like a mini vacation in my opinion. (One piece of helpful advice...never, and I mean never eat chicken wings at lunch and then visit your personal trainer later that day...epic fail)  BARF!

This is something I secretly wanna do...ya know grow a set and do some donuts with cops...haha!!!! I kid I kid!

I hope you enjoyed my smorgasbord of thoughts today....I am almost on empty because of this move that I have been talking about....come on weekend, just get here so I can live normally again.  Thanks!

Dinah xo


  1. For the fact that I was excited for these summer movies last year, I haven't really seen any of them!

    7% Solution​

  2. I just happened upon your blog from a comment you left at "when in doubt, just add glitter". I have to say, the blog name drew me in! Cool space you got here! I will be back!

  3. HAHA!! Bridesmaids is still hands down one the the funniest movies!! That just cracked me up!! The move will be over soon!! Just be sure to work the you know what out of E tomorrow. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Can't wait to see Superman.


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