Friday, May 10, 2013

Music makes my world go weekly jams!!!!

First of all,  I need to express the emotion that I got from watching this guy sing.  I saw a snippet when I was watching tv about him. His name is Arnel Pineda and he is a Filipino singer-songwriter that joined the legendary band "Journey" in 2007.  I cannot believe the power in his voice, it brought tears to my eyes.  You should check him out, he's so rad!

Now onto my regularly scheduled jam list!!!!  Again, if you are a new reader this is not a top 40 kind of thing. I list various artists/songs that I love weekly.  My tastes change all the time. 

1. Kim Wilde-Kids In America
2. Red Hot Chili Peppers-Aeroplane
4. The Cure- All Cats are Grey
5. Luscious Jackson- Naked Eye
6. Faith No More- Epic
8.The White Stripes- Icky Thump
9. Bob Seger- Against The Wind
10. Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals-Burn To Shine

Free your mind and just let the music play...because it's Friday xoxo

Dinah xo


  1. It's amazing how music can inspire us! Great choices :)

  2. Music makes me feel alive - I notice without it my mood is way low and I can feel depressed. It's like my prescription drug!


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