Thursday, February 28, 2013

Laughter really is the best medicine...

Hi!!!  It's almost the weekend and just thinking about it makes me laugh, haha!  Not that I think it's funny but that I survived another week of waking up early and having to go to makes me chuckle. LOL

Ok, the point of this post is to explain how much I like to laugh.  I try every day to laugh at something. Whether it be at a funny story one of my pals tells me, a hilarious movie or show, or at my dog Chloe for puking after she eats too fast and the look on her face once she knows she's going to vomit, (that probably doesn't sound that funny to y'all but you just have to witness it just once). Even if I am having the crappiest day ever, I make it a point to laugh. Try it sometime, it's the best!   I have to show you some funny stuff that never fails to make me almost pee my pants.  First, is the movie Bridesmaids.  It's one of those classic comedies that will always stick with me.  I have so many friends who love the movie as well so we always like to recite the lines together and it kills me! 
This clip is the airplane scene where Kristen Wiig gets wasted and embarrasses herself. Good times!

Second, is someecards.  I know you all have visited this website a time or two, or a thousand.  The cards are hilarious and I am even seeing them sold in stores now which is so awesome.  Here is one of my all time favorite cards.... If you haven't ever checked out their website, I highly suggest you do! 
Funny Friendship Ecard: We'll be best friends forever because you already know too much.

Thirdly, is Blunt Cards.  OMG so hilarous!  I have no words to express how funny these cards are.  Some are probably a little offensive to some, but not me.  Here is an example...

Just the look on her face just sends me into laughing convulsions, haha!

I want to give all  my friends and family a shout out for always making me laugh on a daily basis. You all know who you are and I love you for it!!!!!

xoxo Dinah


  1. Thanks for the laugh girl.. the airplane scene gets me every time!!

  2. We laugh at each other every day and we laugh at you too. :-) OK we laugh together not at each other. HAHA! And sometimes I just sit around and laugh at myself. The face on that woman in the blunt card is hilarious!!

    Jayme @ HLNC


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