Friday, March 1, 2013

Music makes my world go round...

Happy Friday peeps! Finally!

Music is a huge part of my life and daily routine.  I have to be able to listen to music while I am driving, cleaning, exercising, doing hair and even taking a shower sometimes, ha!  I grew up listening to some great classic bands and artists thanks to my mom and dad and will always be thankful that I have a passion for it.

I think I may start a weekly tradition on Sunshine Super Glam.  I feel as if Friday's and play lists are pretty much a big deal to me, and they may be for you all as well.  My musical tastes vary and change all the time so I am going to start off today by listing my top ten jams for the week!   I am not really into mainstream music, however there are always a couple of artists today that impress me.  I am also not a big country music fan, sorry to anyone who is, I have nothing against anyone who is, it's just not my cup of tea. 

So, here is my list for the week!!!  

1. Missing Persons- Destination Unknown 
This song makes me fist pump like I am partying on the Jersey Shore. LOL!  I love 80's first wave music and this song is such a fun tune!

2. The Beatles- I Am The Walrus
I adore this song, love this song, cherish this song....did I mention I love this song?!  Wink!  

3. Madonna- Get Together
Okay, so Madonna is the woman. Everyone on this planet knows she's fantastic!  This song is off her tenth studio album "Confessions on a Dance Floor".  This album is seriously one of my all time faves.  It includes influences of 70's and 80's disco and its amazing to dance to!!! 

4. The Turtles- Happy Together
This song makes me so happy.  It reminds me of my babe Eric. The lyrics and the melody always warms my heart.  

5. Donovan- Season of The Witch
If you read my intro blog post you know I love, LOVE, LOVE Donovan!  This tune is sultry, sexy and psychedelic.  Sometimes I wish I could have been a teen in the 60's and experienced seeing him perform this tune live back at that time.

6. Pearl Jam- Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
This song is one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs.  I have a lot of favorite Pearl Jam songs but for some reason right now I have been listening to this tune quite a bit.

7. Santigold- Shove it (feat. Spank Rock)
If you have never listened to this lady, you need to.  She is a bad mama jama!!! LOL  No, but seriously this song has a little mix of reggae, electronica, and rock/indie.  I like to BLARE this song in my speakers all the time!

8. De la Soul- Oooh (feat. Redman)
I was lucky to have seen this band perform last year at a music festival in Richmond. Redman was not there but its all good, because this beat is the bomb!!!  Gotta love some De la Soul.

9. Eric Clapton- Promises
I don't have a lot to say about this song, just that I love it and I love singing along to it.  

10. Pavement- Cut Your Hair
Love this 90's jam!  I also love the music video.  

xoxo Dinah

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