Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some Randy Randomness....

Hello!  How are you all?  I call this a randy randomness post since I want to share some things that aren't specifically related, but all positive stuff!!!

I have to describe the pure and utter joy I found in my mailbox last night when I arrived home from work.

 First, like I have said in a past post, I have been a hair stylist since I turned 20 years old.  I started my work in Michigan, Florida, and since my man and I moved to Virginia I have been struggling to get my license transferred here.  After a long time waiting, I finally received my license for the state of VA in my mail box.  I cried, laughed, jumped up and down and was so relieved to know that there is a door that is waiting to be opened for me.  I know that good things are coming my way....only time will tell!!!

Second,  I found an amazing jewelry collection through one of my favorite blogs gentri lee.  You have to check them out.  Colorbyamber, just blew me away!!!  I instantly fell in love with everything.  I was so excited to have them follow me on instagram, it made my day!!!  Here is a pic of my new gems....I already have an outfit in mind to pair with each set of earrings!!!! Will definitely post pics!!!!   I want to say thank you to gentri lee and all the fantastic inspirations she posts daily on her blog.  Check her out, she is the jam!!!!!!

Third,  I talked about re-decorating our bathroom a while back, and its coming along quickly and I found a couple more items that I cannot wait to add to our lil space!!!

 I adore this "Antoinette Table Mirror from Urban Outfitters, its just what I need to add a little glam to our space... you can purchase this here

 These "Paddywax Tea Tin Candles" from Urban Outfitters are going to look perfect with our new shower curtain and accessories.  I think it adds a lot of sunshine don't you think??  I think these little cuties are out of stock, but if you want to double check try it here

 Etsy describes this as a "Shabby Chic" light blue cast iron metal soap dish. I just had to have this in addition to all the other goodies.  You can find it here.

All in all, I think today I discovered that prayers do get answered. I am grateful...that is all

xo Dinah


  1. looks like your bathroom will be super cute!

  2. Dinah! I love your blog! I knew it would be fun, upbeat, and happy something to read! Xo, Kristen

    1. Kristen, it means the world to me that you are enjoying....I really appreciate your support!!!!

      xo miss you honey!!!

  3. You are just about the nicest person there ever was. :) Thank you so much!! :) I hope you love your earrings as much as I'm loving my CBA jewelry! :D Your bathroom is going to be amazing! Be sure to post pictures!

  4. Oh my,how gorgeous is this,honey!!

  5. Oh that soap dish is fabulous! And I love those candles! :)

    Just wanted to thank you so much for your kind words over on my blog! Nice to meet you!



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