Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The trip of a lifetime...Part two

Were on a boat ;-)

                        Tiny crab

Hello my friends!!!!!

I wanted to post more of our travels to Brazil!!  After spending a few days in Sao Paulo celebrating a family wedding, my hubby and I, my sis and brother in law took a jet plane (wink) to in my opinion the most beautiful place I have ever traveled to, Natal (Pipa Beach).   It was about 3.7 hours north of Sao Paulo by plane and truly felt like paradise.  We stayed in our own little villas next to each other and couldn't of asked for a better experience.  If you ever are interested in traveling to Brazil, I highly suggest checking this beautiful oasis out!

Everyone was so friendly and accommodating!! We all did not want to leave!  Here are a some photos of our time spent in Pipa.

 My brother and beautiful sister in law!!

I will probably have to include another part to this post!!!  So much more I want to share!!!

Would love to hear about any of your favorite get a ways!!!!   Would love to connect with you!

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  1. What a fabulous trip girl!! Love seeing all of your pictures! I still wear that bracelet you brought me too! Love it!! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Oh that does look like a trip of a life time! I would love a vacation and a trip. Your pictures are also lovely and I am follow you as well.


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you ladies xoxo It was an amazing time!!!!

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment on my new blog:) Reading about your recent trip to Brazil just reminded me how there's so much unseen beauty out their! Really splendid photos and the place you stayed at looks incredible.

    1. It's my pleasure, I am excited to follow you!!!

      Brazil is definitely an amazing place, I want to explore so much more out there and experiencing more culture, and you are right, so much unseen beauty to see!!!!

  5. I love beach vacays!! Your pics make me wish I were lounging in a cabana somewhere with an iced cold drink in one Your room looks so comfy and inviting! :)


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