Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My dream lady cave...

Hi friends!

So I feel like when ever you move into a new home or a bigger place with your significant other they always get a "man cave" or some space to call their own.  My hubster and I's apartment is pretty small but whenever we decide to buy or move into something bigger I am putting my foot down and I am getting my lady cave I have always wanted.  I want a room that I can turn into my own.  A space where I can style hair and do make up.  I want to transform this room into something bold and edgy just like me.   I have been seeing some beautiful pictures on pinterest and other websites with a lot of great ideas!  I would love to find some rare pieces at consignment shops and re-vamp them up! ;-)

Here are some photos that I really, really love!!!  FYI, some of these pics look like living room spaces, so I would have to change things around obviously.  But, I would definitely want a velvety vintage piece of furniture to add some depth to the space in addition to a vanity!  Oh the possibilities!

I love the idea of painting the walls very dark and matte, and then adding a chandelier and spray painting something bright like this!!!   I love this Edie chaise lounge from Urban Outfitters.  I would almost want it in black so I could add a bright pillow to it.

I love the idea of this Vanity with the drawers and mirrors attached, a great piece for my hair design stuff!!!!

The pink drawers and mirror are INCREDIBLE in my opinion, so up my alley!!!!   I would even be curious to try a wall paper accent, depending on the exact color scheme I end up going with!

Beautiful! Edie chaise lounge in mango. 17 Beautiful Makeup Vanity Ideasvintage vanity  Urban Outfitters.  $699Love the wallpaper accent by the staircase...:-)

I know I have to turn this into a reality since I have been dreaming about this so much lately :-)

If you could have your own ultimate lady cave, how would you want to style it?

xoxo Dinah


  1. I would almost want my own lady "cottage"--that's my real dream. And I'd make it a complete 50s style little writing/reading room :)

    1. I love that idea friend!!!! A lady cottage sounds fantastic!!!!


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