Friday, March 29, 2013

Everybody's workin' for the weekend....My Friday music jams!!!

Happy Friday all!  It may be a short work day for some since it's a holiday weekend....  and no I am not working for the weekend I was referring to this classic jam....

Here is my list of favorite tunes for the week.....a very interesting list in my opinion!  Some of you may not agree but that's okay that is what makes us all unique and different!

1. Spandau Ballet- True
I am a die hard fan of 80's music!  One reason this song melts me is because of this movie scene.... I will admit that if this song started to play anywhere you will most likely catch me dancing in the corner, because that's how I roll!

2. Pearl Jam- Dissident
The guitar riffs and the lyrics just blow me away....listen here.

3. Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake-Give it to me
Love this jam!  Reminds me of living in sunny Jacksonville, Florida with my car windows rolled down near the beach!

4. David Bowie-Rebel Rebel
I just love mr. Bowie.....he rocks my effing world!!!  This song just brings out my edgy vibe!

5. The Beatles-Get Back
Get back jojo!!!!!!  Your mama's waitin for ya xoxo hehe!!!!!  I remember seeing the "LOVE" Cirque Du Soleil show in Vegas and I literally started tearing up because this show was absolutely out of this world!!!!! This song was part of the opener and it gave me it here.   If you don't like the Beatles we are going to have issues....sorry (i'm not sorry) take a listen here.

6. Ani DiFranco-32 Flavors
This song reminds me that every person in this world has 32 Flavors and then also reminds me of my dear friends Molly and Jackie ( I love and miss you ladies)......

7. Johnny Cash- I Walk The Line
Isn't this song the best?!!!!   I love Johnny......

8. Maroon 5- Sunday Morning
Adam Levine.....this me butterflies xoxoxo

9. Paul Oakenfold feat. Shifty-Starry Eyed Surprise
This jam takes me back to the good ol' days of cosmetology school!!!  I can listen to this song and I immediately remember all the crazy memories that were had!!!   No regrets!

10. The Raveonettes-I wanna be adored (Stone Roses cover)
I have listened to this cover probably over 50 times this week...haha

Happy Friday friends!!!  And have a wonderful easter with your families xoxox

Love always,
Dinah xo


  1. Yes! I love how all over the place this list is! That is how I listen to my music too ;)
    xo TJ

  2. ohhh my gosh #9- that takes me waaay back. that's so awesome you posted that, i'm having total flashbacks haha

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. cool post!

  4. hot songs! how is the weekend over already! ug!


  5. Love so many of these songs! I also like Alana Davis's cover of 32 Flavors. I really liked her and I don't think she's made music in years. Boo!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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