Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Who run the world? GIRLS!

Well hello there!!!!

You probably think this post is about that catchy Beyonce song, but nope it's not!  Today I scored a day off at my 9-5 job due to snow and ice so I have been watching a marathon of the awesome show on HBO called GIRLS!!   I love this show, let me count the ways...

Girls is an american television series that debuted on HBO in spring of 2012.  The show is created and directed by actress Lena Dunham and she teamed up with funny guy producer Judd Apatow.  The show's premise and inspiration is based on some of Lena Dunham's real life experiences of a early twenty-something.  I think the writing is absolutely brilliant.  I often find myself crying from laughing so hard at some of the lines on the show. A lot of people who have never seen this show think it's just a rip off of Sex and the City. Let me just set the record straight.....this show is nothing like SATC. Do not get me wrong, I ADORE SATC, but this show is completely different in a sense that it's a little more raw and realistic.  If I could describe it, its a little more hipster, and definitely centered to younger women and men who are trying to find themselves in all sorts of ways. Some of my favorite clips are these....

Even though the weather is poopy outside, I throughly enjoyed every minute of the funny ladies and gents on GIRLS today!!!  If you watch this show, what are some of your fave episodes or particular clips?

Muah xoxo,

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