Friday, March 8, 2013

Music makes my world go round-my Friday playlist

Fa Fa Fa Friday!!!  Fa Fa Fa Friday!!!  HA!!!

Happy Friday to all my peeps!!!

I am starting a Friday tradition on Sunshine Super Glam.  Gonna post my music favorites of the week!!  Again, the playlists are not going to necessarily be new music, just songs that I am diggin for the week!

Let the tradition begin ;-)

1. Bill Withers- Lovely Day
This classic 1977 R&B hit never gets old in my eyes.  The beat and the lyrics always brighten up my day.  If you have never heard this tune, take a moment to listen to the lyrics, its pretty special ;-)

2. Kid Cudi- Day n Nite
This song is my jam!!!  I play this on repeat when I am workin on my fitness! He's my witness!

3. Daft Punk- Face to Face
This song is one of many awesome tunes from their second album "Discovery".  Such an amazing album! Reminds me of my high school days...

4. Beastie Boys-Fight For Your Right
TO PARRRRRRRRRRRTY!!!  Enough said ;-)  Don't you agree?

5. Radiohead-There There
This song is probably my favorite Radiohead song and is featured on their 2003 album "Hail to the Thief."

6. Best Coast- Our Deal 
This song is amazing!  Best Coast is amazing!  A surf pop band from California!!! Every time I listen to this song or just the artist I imagine I am surfing and laying on the beach!  This music video is amazing because Drew Barrymore actually directed this video, its super cool!!!   Also, if you live in Richmond this band is coming to the National!!!!  Yes I ain't lying, I think I am going!

7. Joss Stone- Less is More
This young lady can sing!!!  She has the pipes of a true soul sista!!!  This song is off her second album "Mind, Body and Soul"!  Check her out!

8. The Rolling Stones- Jumpin Jack Flash
Gotta love some Mick Jagger and this tune is so rad!!

9. Spoon- Don't You Evah
Spoon is an incredible indie rock band, love their upbeat jams!!!!

10. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Hong Kong Garden (version from the Marie Antoinette motion picture soundtrack)  This song is the shit!  It's punk rock, glamorous, sexy and probably my favorite song off this soundtrack....Here is a little snippet from the movie with this song :-)

Hope you enjoy!!  Have a fabulous weekend all,

xoxo Dinah

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