Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hair design is my life!

Happy Saturday friends!!  And if you are out and about celebrating St. pattys day, have a blast!!

I have been a hair designer for 9 years and counting.  I am currently doing hair out of my home since my hubby and I have moved around so much it was so hard to build my business and make ends meet.  Now that we have been in Richmond, VA for 3 years now, I am finally starting to grow my business while working full time at another job.  I work a lot but I am in love with hair and makeup and I am thank ful I have the oppurtunity to do what I do.  Besides my loving husband, it is my absolute passion in life.  I love making my friends, family and clients feel beautiful!  It is such a great feeling in my tummy ;-)  A pure joy to say the least.

Here are just a couple photos that I posted on instagram yesterday on a fun night with my friends and dear clients!!!!!  Had a great time with my pals!!!!  Today I have two beautiful friends/clients from D.C. coming for some new hair!  Pics will be posted soon!!!  Pictures number 1 and 2 are of my friend/client Ashley Davis!!!  She has beautiful strawberry blonde hair,  and she is also a jewelry designer you should check out her fabulous gems for sale. Here is her website on Etsy.

Pictures 3 and 4 are my friend Deborah Hasenfus!!!  She is a dear friend, and her sister Laura is one of my bestest friends!!!  Love them!  She is a natural beauty and has beautiful hair to work with!!!!

Enjoy your weekend my friends, love you all and so thankful for this blog and all the great people I am meeting and connecting with through the blogging community, its amazing for reals!!!

Love you,
xoxo Dinah


  1. i haven't watched the beyonce hbo special! everyone is raving about it! she is on top of the world right now!
    love your blog and thanks for your comment!


  2. You rock honey,loooove this!

  3. Just lovely! =)
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

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